Family research

I was playing on the other day and found out all my great-aunts and my great grandmother went by different names before they emigrated to the U.S. My great grandmother was Halda in Sweden and became Hilda. My Great-Aunt Alla E. became Elsie. I bet the E was Elsa but I can’t find that yet. Hatta C became Hattie/Harriet C. I have no idea yet what the C stood for. Lillie D became Della L.


I wonder why they changed them and there is no one around to ask that I know of. My Great Grandpa Isaac doesn’t seem to have changed anything but his last name and so far I found 3 spelling of it.


Still having trouble finding my great grandpa Isaac because he had no middle name that I can find. I also know he came with a brother. Isaac took the last name of Sjoberg but his brother took Shoberg which from what my grandpa Carl said was their address. It means mountain by the sea. The guy at immigration didn’t get the name right and not knowing Isaac’s father means I don’t know what his real name was because Grandpa should have been Isaacson not Sjoberg.


Anyway it’s fun to look.