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New ‘Geography of Hate’ project maps hate speech on Twitter

Feminist Philosophers

A new project called ‘Geography of Hate‘ gives detailed information about the geographic distribution of hate speech on Twitter. According to The Verge:

the interactive map charts ten relatively common slurs across the continental US, either by general category or individually. Looking at the whole country, you’ll often see a mass of red or what the map’s creators call a “blue smog of hate.” Zooming in, however, patches appear over individual regions or cities; some may be predictable, while others are not. . .

Unlike many other studies, for example, the tweets weren’t collected and analyzed algorithmically — a method that could accidentally collect non-derogatory uses of these terms. Instead, the team first searched through a year’s worth of geotagged tweets for words, then had a group of students at Humboldt State University look at each one. Only tweets they found explicitly negative went on the map:…

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Aspartame in milk? Why the dairy industry wants to sneak artificial sweeteners into flavored milk. If they don’t label the aspartame then people who are allergic are going to be ib real trouble.

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King of Cups

The picture shows male and female reindeer as both sexes have antlers. Male reindeer rut in the autumn for dominance of the herd and the antlers are a potent symbol of sexual power.

Fly agaric is also found at this time and the reindeer appear to eat this highly toxic red fun-gi and seem `drunk’.

Some shaman drank the purified urine of the reindeer for its hallucinatory properties once the toxins had been removed.

Drawing this card denotes companionship, deep friendship. A sharing of profound understanding, a mutual love of knowledge from the past. Possible creation of a home together, a sense of home-coming and enduring friendship.