Archive | May 9, 2013

Migraines and magic

I’ve always had migraines but after I had a head on collision with a drunk driver and then a rollover from a lady who was in a hurry and ran the red light a year later they started in steroids. My first migraines were caused by things like nitrates in hot dogs or food that had been treated with them or MSG, weather, white wine and champagne and one I couldn’t control, winter light. My neurologist thought that one was funny because summer is when most people get migraines in summer. Mine can start if sunlight in the morning when the sun is just coming up hits a certain spot on my retina and Bang! One will hit. I used to hate driving east in the morning. You can’t wear dark glasses as the sun comes up. It just doesn’t work.

But then the car accidents upped the ante. From what I have been told after a CT scan and an MRI, they think my skull moved onto the nerve that comes out of the spinal column and into the brain. That that nerve got pinched when the skull moved and came back. All I know is that when it starts to hurt like it’s trying to right now you could give me a marksalot and I could draw every nerve that branches off the damn thing and then I get photophobic. Thankfully the drive home today is to the east so the sun won’t be in my eyes.

I have a med I take every night that helps. The neurologist says the migraines are partly due to post concussive syndrome or a closed brain injury. Really? Two severe car accidents wouldn’t give you a clue?

Stress makes it worse and my last day is tomorrow and I go back on unemployment again. No stress…

It really doesn’t help that migraines are hereditary in my family, either.

Things I have learned magically about migraines:

Do not take the meds and go to Circle. Weird shit can happen.

Do not do divination of any sort unless you really need something to tell you what you already know, you’re in pain. Well duh, readings are not fun.

Do not meditate or make big decisions. Go to bed and sleep. Meditation can take you places your spirit really shouldn’t travel in when in pain. In other words, stay the fuck off the astral.

Do drink a lot of liquid that is non alcoholic. Caffeine can be okay and may help the meds work but that is individual to the person. Tea is my go to beverage of choice.

Do eat lightly if you can, tea and toast.

Do take a walk if you can stand the light and/or noise. If you feel like you can hear your hair growing go back to bed.

Do let someone know because something else may be going on like an eye lid drooping or other symptom you need to let your doctor know about.

Do keep a list of triggers. They can come and go with age and environment.

Do massage your scalp and use acupressure on your hand if you can find the right spot.

Do try and relax.