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Pagan Coming Out Day is bloody stupid in the work place

I used to think coming out as a pagan was a good idea at work until I got royally harassed. Coming out as gay is one thing. It’s something about yourself you can’t change but coming out as pagan can be fucking stupid because it is a choice and as far as the holy rollers are concerned you are fair game because you are going to hell anyway. It’s their holy duty to show you, you are going to hell.

I was perfectly fine being out when I worked at P and everyone knew even though I never said officially until the hired the holy rolling Bible thumping bitch. She was new to our dept and used to being the Queen Bee and unfortunately for her I was Queen Bee in the dept. Not by doing anything to make myself that way but by being the first hired and the trainer for the dept of everyone coming in. So she wasn’t predisposed to like me anyway. It was right before Hallows and everyone knew I always take Nov 1 off because I see no reason to miss the fun at work and the coven used to stay up late that night and I wanted to sleep in. My sister and I used to spend Nov 1st at Disneyland, that was our personal holiday celebration before Disneyland switches to Christmas decorations.

Anyway, I cackle when I laugh sometimes and M made some crack about me needing to stop that because people would think I was a witch and everyone in the dept burst out in laughter at her. Queen Be wannabe did not like this. I was also the only white person in the dept and the other women until she came used to go out to lunch together and have a good time. They were my friends until M started her campaign. She told them my whiteness was rubbing off on them and they weren’t really black anymore. She told them I was going to hell and if they hung out with me they would be going to hell. She got a crony hired into the dept and they started praying over me while I sat at my desk. She went through my Disney day calendar and ripped all the witches out of it. She started quoting the Bible at me until I quoted the correct passages to her and that really pissed her off that I knew the Bible better than she did and then she got our Director in on it and after going through my desk again and finding a tiny ½ inch big pentagram on a post it under my computer and reported me to HR as having made a terrorist theat. This, in short was my life in hell and HR backed my harrassers. Then P got bought by A and we had all new HR and we were told there was a no tolerance policy towards harassment so I went to the new HR.

Finally someone came down on my harrassers and they sent to Director to sensitivity training and when that didn’t work they took all the people that she supervised away from her and assigned her to a closet and my record was expunged. And M got sent to another dept but I never got my friends back. They took too much shit for being my friend.

So no, I’m not coming out at work and when I’m asked directly I say I’m a Druid which is way less threatening to people with I Love Jesus plastered about their desks than saying I’m a Wiccan or a Witch. Coming out as a pagan at least in a conservative insurance company is as I said bloody stupid. I know I have a pentagram tattooed on my shoulder but no one else needs to as far as I’m concerned.

I is for the Fellowship of Isis – pagan blog post

I is for Fellowship of Isis, a bit early but none the less: Old website New website

I belong to the Fellowship of Isis which is an international group and locally to the Temple of Isis/Los Angeles as well as their Druid Clan of Dana and our local Hazelwood Grove.

The Fellowship of Isis is an International organization dedicated to She of 10,000 names and that any one can join for free if they agree with the Manifesto and the Statement of Ethics. It was founded by Lawrence, Pamela and Olivia Durdin-Robertson back in 1976 and only Lady Olivia is still living and just celebrated her 96th birthday.

The Fellowship is divided into three arms, the Fellowship of Isis, the Druid Clan of Dana and the Noble Order of Tara. People usually join their local Iseum or Lyceum if there is one and we are lucky to have several in our area and we also have one of the Circles that Olivia allows the Circle of Pelagia. There are five Circles and Stars chartered directly by Lady Olivia and the Iseum of BunniHoTep is part of that Circle. There are only 8 Members in a Circle. I just looked at the Directory and it looks like there are more Iseums in California than in any other place in the world which probably explains part of why Lady Olivia comes out to visit Isis Oasis in Northern Cal every year at Columbus Day weekend. This is the website of the Star of Elen This is the list of specific deity rituals but our bunch usually write our own for our public and private rituals. Along with our sister group Long Beach Womenspirit we put on two public Faires each year at Summer and Winter Solstice as well as public rituals for Yule and sometimes other holidays. Our next Faire is June 23 at the Long Beach Unitarian Church and anyone is welcome to come. We have a wonderful time and you can shop til you drop as well as enjoying all the day long entertainment.

Here are a list of the members who are authors and illustrators and such. I’m sure you will recognize some of the names and it will give some ideas for books by other new people. I’m honoured to be able to be a part of the list.

We have attunements that are world wide that anyone can participate in wherever they are in the world every morning . “Lady Olivia writes that although the times listed for attunement at Clonegal Castle are GMT, every member can tune in between 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning and evening in their own particular time zone.” this is the retreat center where the annual retreat is held at in California.

You don’t have to be a follower of Isis to be a member. We have many people that follow Brighid, Quan Yin, Hecate, Yemaya and many others. You just have to be a follower of the Goddess. Anyway, you are welcome to be a part of the organization as part of the group or as a solitary. All I know is that I have met some of the best people in my life as a part of this organization.

Two-year-old Caroline Sparks killed by five-year-old brother’s rifle. Neglect? Hell yes.

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Guns Crickettby J. Stephen O’Brien

Read that headline again. It doesn’t say, “killed by five-year-old.” That’s so common these days that it almost doesn’t warrant a mention in the local weekly. People leave loaded guns lying around, five-year-olds find them, point them at someone, go “BANG” and pull the trigger, and there’s someone dead or badly wounded. Happens all the time. Hardly worth mentioning.

This one is a bit different, though, in that the five-year-old boy in question used his own rifle to kill his sister. You know. A toy rifle, just his size (they call it a “Crickett” and it comes in some cool colors, and you could see the varieties for yourself here, if they hadn’t taken down their Web site), that just happens to shoot real .22 bullets. Granted, that’s a pretty small caliber. You wouldn’t want to use it to stop a charging elephant. But…

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One more comment on 50’s food

I should also note that my mom was considered an excellent cook, it was the fact that there weren’t ingredients available in the stores. I knew people who had a 7 dinner rotation that their moms would make. Monday was spaghetti, Tuesday was roast or pork chops or lamb chops (roasts – beef, pork, lamb, etc), Wednesday was mac and cheese, Thursday was meat loaf with mashed potatoes, Friday was steak and potatoes, Saturday was left overs and Sunday was usually a light supper at most of our neighbors and fish if they were Catholic and lamb or beef brisket again at the Jewish households.

You knew what you were going to have for dinner if you went to certain friend’s houses. It never varied. Lasagna noodles weren’t available until the end of the 60’s and I still remember when Mom discovered they made preformed taco shells so we could have tacos. In our neighborhood tortillas weren’t available. I remember getting hooked on Betty Crocker Noodles Romanoff in a box. Loved that stuff.

I remember when Chun King came out with Chop Suey in a can with Chow Mein Noodles, Big excitement.

I have to admit my mom and grandma made jams, preserves and jellies, another all day adventure in kitchen dodging. I remember Grandma making chutney and both of them made watermelon pickle. We did have a garden and lots of fruit trees because Dad insisted on it but even then there weren’t a great variety of seeds. It was carrots, peas, (loved shelling {shooting} peas), potato eyes, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, patty pan squash, pumpkins and that was about it. We had peach, apricots, plums, grapefruit, orange, lemon trees. Apples don’t grow well in Los Angeles, it isn’t cold enough. And we had a huge grape arbor at our first house of concord grapes.

I guess most of the people extolling the 50’s cuisine don’t realize variety in diet is a new thing. Now we can have Mexican, Indian, Thai, Chinese of at least varieties in our neighborhood, Ethiopian, are all available now and that is new. They need their heads examined

Today’s reading


Green Woodpecker

Page of Arrows

The green woodpecker contains the sacred colours of nature -red, white, green and gold -and is known in folklore as a `yaffle’ because of its distinctive laughing call.

It is said to hold the secrets of the Tree of Life, as it spirals up trees and disappears within them to nest. Their drumming (pecking) on trees which echoes through the woodland heralds your entry to a place of the heart.

In the tarot the pair of woodpeckers look at each other, a third flying down the arrow shaped path, guiding you to love.