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I finally get around to answering a question, Who is the Hierophant?

I was asked a question and I think I forgot to answer it and since nothing can be done at work today, I have time to answer it. What does the Major Arcana tarot card, the Hierophant mean? (Sorry this took so long, Poppy.)

The Hierophant card is one of those cards that tend to scare some people like Death, The Devil and the 3 of Swords. They somehow think he is the boogie man. Some of the feminist decks like Mother Peace and Daughters of the Moon do identify the card as everything patriarchal and evil but it isn’t. In the Greenwood Deck it’s the Ancestor. And in most mainstream decks it’s the symbol of organized religion and is often called the Pope but quite simply it can also be the card of the teacher. If you want to learn the Craft this card will sometimes appear indicating that maybe you need to find a teacher that is established and not someone flying by the seat of their pants. It can also signify a spirit or ancestor that has appeared to lead you to the next step down the path. It can be a Guardian on your path. And sometimes it means it’s time for you to be a teacher depending on where it shows up.

The Fellowship of Isis has levels and degrees and the Hierophant is the head of a Lyceum or a Temple like our Hieromum is the leader of the Temple of Isis.

Olivia Robertson writes in the College of Isis Manual:

“The Priesthood Hierophants of the Fellowship of Isis follow the meaning of the word. Being a Hierophant is not a status designation: it describes “one who shows forth.” The Hierophant teaches by example, and enjoys give-and-take, by learning from their pupils. Experiences are shared, not forced on pupils. This does demand from the Hierophant at least an equal amount of spiritual and psychic experience as the pupils. What the Hierophant has to offer is an ability to listen as well as teach: and empathy. The listening ear is vital to the well-being of anyone subject to “supernatural” visitation. Both teacher and pupil can only work successfully with honour for the innate divinity within each other. The first stage in mystical awakening is to know the Divinity within oneself. Silence is safest. The second stage is to recognise the Goddess/God in others: a new Hierophant is worthy to teach.”

"The designation "Hierophant" means "One who shows forth." In Collegium Isidis, of the Fellowship of Isis, Hierophants already belong to the F.O.I. Priesthood. Their vocation from the Goddess is to act as Guides and Teachers of candidates, already F.O.I. members, who wish to attain Magi degrees in a particular Lyceum. A Hierophant has gained at least four Magi Degrees attained through years of spiritual experience working in a Lyceum. The hallmarks of a fine Hierophant are wisdom and humility, love and understanding. The possession of a sense of humour brings the laughter of the Gods!"

So that Poppy is the Hierophant.


Okay, really bored at work today so here is your chance to give me a brainstorm. Today is check run day so we can’t touch any system and I’ve already archived and saved all the mail for the last 2 months.

1 . Who or what should have an adventure with BunniHoTep or what lesson should she teach?

2. Who or what should meet the Littlest Druid? What lesson should she learn?

3. Name an animal, vegetable or mineral that needs a story.