I got a small bit of royalties this morning in my account. I get excited every time I get some and today it means I can buy lunch. You have no idea after 5 years of on and off temping because I got laid off what a blessing it is when people buy my books. It really does feed a real live author.

I’ve had this temp job for 14 months and the limit at this company is 15 months. So unless they make good on their promise to keep me I will yet again be adrift on unemployment and once companies check my id for how old I am, they don’t want me. I’ve had 2nd and 3rd interviews and then they ask for id and I never hear from them again. I get through because instead of almost 60 I look around 40. I have great references, I have great experience but a woman is a year from 60 aint’ going to get hired unless a temp job keeps her.

They have me doing all the hard stuff here and training new temps. Who they are going to give the messes to when I leave beats me because no one else gets it and it always gets dumped on me. When someone is behind in their work, I get it even If they have thoroughly made hash of it. When I talk to people in other parts of the company and fix their problem they are always surprised I’m a temp and not a “real” employee and then they call my boss and say nice things. But allegedly there is a hiring freeze on people in California, we’re too expensive.

So now I wait and hope. It would be really nice to have health insurance again and a 401K. Thinking good thoughts…Sigh…