Isis & Magic; Magic & Isis


Great of Magic. The Enchantress. Lady of Sacred Magic. What does it mean that Isis bears these (and so many more) titles having to do with magic? What is magic?

If you’ve been reading this blog, you already know that “magic” isn’t what the ancient Egyptians would have said. They would have said heka. But the same question applies: what the heck is heka? (Pronunciation note: I usually say “HAY-kah,” because I think it sounds better than heck-kah. Coptic shows the word as hik. If Coptic retained the vowel correctly, then the Egyptians might have said hik-kah, which is worse, since it sounds—in my head anyway—like hiccup. So for me, hay-kah it is.)

Unfortunately, we can’t ask any ancient priestesses or priests of the Goddess of Magic what they meant by magic. So we have to to look to some of the scholars who have studied it. One of…

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