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Seeing Auras

Excerpted from Miss Kat’s School of Genteel Witchcraft

First off, Miss Kat doesn’t quite know how to describe this particular skill that anyone can do. Auravoyance? Auricle? Auronics, Aurakinetics? How about people who see, feel, hear, touch (which is not the same as feel), smell or taste auras?

The last statement needs to be explained because everyone talks about “seeing auras” and that isn’t always true. We use what ever sense happens to be our primary “other” sense. Most people trust their eyes more than their other senses, hence the term “seeing auras”.

We all have a complement to each of our primary senses such as: extrasensory hearing, seeing, feeling, touching, smelling and tasting. Empathy is extrasensory feeling. Telekinesis is extrasensory touching. Telepathy is extrasensory hearing. Sensing aura can combine any of the above senses.

Miss Kat was born blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other and was until she was seven years old. Sight is not her primary sense. Hearing, touching and feeling are. She had almost no sense of smell until she became a Witch so she sort of wonder sometimes is she’s actually smelling something physical since she has to concentrate so hard.

To see an aura, Miss Kat either has to concentrate very hard or someone has to ask her about what color is it and then she just “knows”. On the other hand, She can immediately hear and feel people’s auras. If she knows you well enough, she can immediately sense if something is different, i.e., if you are upset, happy or nervous. It’s written on the surface like Braille.

Some people project their aura a great distance away from their physical body or keep it very close and tight. Miss Kat doesn’t know much about tastes and smells although she knows people who smell first. One was a pastor of healing at her parent’s church. He could walk into any hospital room and tell by smell (which wasn’t a “real” smell) if someone was going to die or get well. He also had a very healing touch and used to collect children who wanted or needed to be held. Miss Kat used to snuggle up with his grandchildren and feel safe. His son is also a doctor and she suspects he has the same sense because sometimes he knows what’s going on without a whole lot of information. 

I also have a coven sister who tells by smell if you are okay or not. I haven’t found anyone who tastes auras but I suspect they are out there simply because of the phrase “ he left a bad taste in my mouth”. 

I hear, touch or feel people depending on where they enter my space. I project quite a distance. If I’m hearing, it can be loud or soft.  Sometimes it’s rather like the difference between rap and classical and I guess you could call it “ easy listening”. I particularly dislike rap so you can tell what I think of people whom I hear that way. Everyone carries “music” in their voice that you can also hear.

When I feel someone’s aura it is in textures, scratchy, itchy, rich velvet, burlap, emery boards, diamond bright or diamond hard, a warm towel, sparkly, warm, hot, cold, in constant motion or placid.  I get more information than just sight would give me and I do depend heavily on that information.  (Do not use “Rescue Remedy” while trying to feel auras, it makes you head blind and can drive you nuts.)  If your words and actions do not match, I’ll either ask you point blank “ what’s wrong?” (Not one of my more endearing traits), or avoid you like the plague because I don’t trust you.  I especially don’t trust people who project black or gray thick fog. I’ve learns that people who do that just hide too much of themselves and aren’t trustworthy.

How do you feel an aura?  Rub your hands together and let them float from your sides slowly. You should feel something tangible, soft and warm.  If your aura is thin, you should feel a distinct edge. It will be egg shaped with the longer point of the egg in front and fairly close in at the sides. This exercise may take some practice but just about everyone can do it.

To see an aura, do not look straight in front of you.  This usually takes a lot of practice. While looking forward look at a person out of the corner of your eye.  This also works for ghosts and elementals.  Let your focus ease and soften to start. You should see at least a lighter colored area and with practice you can delineate the edges and see color.

You can reach out and touch someone with your aura.  I have been known to tickle people’s auras and quite a few people have gotten vastly amused ticking mine since they weren’t even touching me.  Stroke gently and don’t poke!  It’s also kind of fun during sex to tickle or stroke someone’s aura. You usually get quite a reaction and your partner may ask what the hell you just did.  Giggle, giggle and no, I don’t give free samples.  

Another exercise you can try is with a partner. Face your partner with hands outstretched and palms about a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch apart. Stare into the other person’s eyes.  Have one person start moving their hands, the other must try and follow by sensing energy flow.  When done right, the lead will shift from one person to the other back and forth.  To anyone watching it will look like a choreographed dance and is usually quite beautiful. You will start to use your whole body and when it works, it’s quite a magickal experience.

Please experiment. Find out what your primary sense is. Sit in a room with people and close your eyes. Rooms have auras, as do parties and gatherings which are the sum total of the people in the room. Some gatherings feel like a big hug, some hurt or are painful and some itch or annoy. Try being aware of what you feel walking into the room. Trust it!

When Miss Kat was little, She saw everyone as an animal. She lost that ability around puberty so that’s what She’s practicing now. When she was young, she had friends who were dogs, cats, squirrels, an elephant and Jeanabeth was a ladybug. This had nothing to do with personality type, it was just who they were.  The animal was just there.

So see, hear, feel the World!

Today’s reading



Queen of Cups

Greeting the dawn, often alone, the heron is reputed to be gifted with psychic perception and reflection. The guardian of many esoteric secrets, it is said to stand at the gateway between life and death and to act as mediator on the soul’s journey to the Celtic Otherworld and reincarnation.

Drawing this card denotes someone who is deep, wise, knows when to be silent; is psychic, emotional, able to be solitary, but also able to impart wisdom with maturity and responsibility.

Someone able to be still enough to receive gifts of wisdom. Tendency to day dreaming and over-passivity.