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Poetry month – Rainbow Children


We’re a rainbow made of children
We’re an army singing songs
There’s no weapon that can stop us
Rainbow love is much too strong.

I was raised in Mississippi
Saying “yes sir” to a man
But I found out it got me nowhere
So I ain’t gonna do it again

Well, my grandma, she was a princess
And my grandpa, he was a chief
And thanks to those of my good neighbors
Both my folks are on relief

I was taught that black was evil
I was taught that white was good
But in a rainbow made of children
Every colour’s understood.

It’s not the winning that’s important
But it’s how you play the game
But that’s not how some folks see it
And that’s not how peace is made.


This is a much more difficult talent to deal with than empathy. Telekinesis has some controlled and some uncontrolled aspects like empathy but it’s more likely to affect other people than empathy.

If an empath is uncontrolled they usually self-destruct. They go neurotic, not socio-pathic. A telekinetic out of control, and a part of this talent is always capable of being out of control, it does physical damage to objects and things.

What can a Telekinetic Do?

1. 1. They can affect the flow of electrical current, i.e., turning lights on and off and never hit the switch. This is a good party trick but tends to scare some people.


3. 2. They can break physical objects, i.e., in a seven day period a couple of years ago Miss Kat inadvertently blew 36 light bulbs in her apartment, she I only has 14 lamps in use not counting her car headlights. Solution: She switched to more expensive bulbs. Sometimes this is a way to ground excess energy. When she first started in the craft she tended to come out of ritual and break the first street light she came upon. She was so famous for it enough that when it happened she’d hear friends voices yell, “ Stop It!” By then it was too late of course it was dark.


5. 3. Move or control objects, i.e., dice. Miss Kat’s dungeon master in D&D refused to tell me the number she needed after a while. She didn’t really think that was fair, but oh well.

WARNING: Do not try this in a casino, you will give yourself the most incredible headache. Remember, everyone else is concentrating too

What telekinetics have difficulty doing:

1. Moving water. Miss Kat doesn’t know why, it may be just too dense but as a rule it just won’t go. Exception: clouds but they are really of air and if you bust or move clouds you are messing with the weather. Mother Nature is better at trying to keep in balance than you are. Although, there are people who specialize in it. We all have strange elemental affinities sometimes.

2. People. They have their own agenda and feelings. This comes under the Wiccan Rede.

3. Miss Kat personally can’t control cards, which is good or she’d never able to read tarot again. There is a small element of it used when being read by another person, because most readers will make the querent shuffle the deck, but it’s mostly to leave a trace of energy on the cards. A lot like leaving a scent for dogs to follow. if you can move cards, realize that sooner or later no one will play with you. Not Nice. We also can’t move the Lotto balls otherwise there would be a lot more rich witches.

4. Fire. It’s easier to move than water but definitely has a mind and a will of its own. Miss Kat personally thinks fire can read us and our fears better than we will ever read the element of fire.

Two elements easier to control:

1. Anything of earth. Solids are easier to control. You have something to push or pull against.

2. Air. It seems to not mind being pushed around. Remember, speaking and singing have telekinetic aspects that occur in the medium of air. Ever had anyone call the quarters and make your hair stand on end? or give you shivers? Ever heard of Bardic Magic?

How do you know if you’re telekinetic?

1. Do you blow lightbulbs? More than one at a time?

2. Does your computer crash often? Especially if you are upset?

3. Do you carry a constant static charge on your fingers?

4. Do you have a green thumb? This is a semi-telekinetic talent that also involves an affinity towards plants and animals.

5. Are you accident prone? If you are out of control, you will affect the way you interact with objects.

Caveat: Miss Kat has never known anyone who could bend or move a stationary object. No spoons. The operative part of the word is kinesis. Kinesis means movement. Most telekinetics can only move or affect something already in motion. Physics still runs the universe. Remember an object at rest will remain at rest and an object at motion will remain in motion. If you are telekinetic:

1. Learn to control your emotions and your reactions to other people’s behavior. This helps prevent accidents.

2. Learn to ground yourself -literally, if you have an unexpected affinity for electricity. Most of my shoes have rubber soles.

3. Learn to ground your psychic self too -the old tree meditation works wonders.

What do you do for someone else who has been using telekinesis involuntarily?

1. Yell “STOP”! in a very loud commanding voice. This gets to the little kid inside that is running the talent out of control.

2. Before you yell, “STOP”! Make sure they aren’t doing it on purpose. You will have a very angry person on your hands otherwise.

3. Explain why you yelled, Nuff said? Miss Kat firmly believes that most, if not all, psychic abilities, come from that part of the self called the inner child, (a horribly over used term) but correct for this instance. It’s the part most likely to get out of control and try to do things. People that don’t know about the kid inside either have no ability or they are out of control. That’s why learning to ground yourself is extremely important.

Miss Kat has always been telekinetic but she really woke it up after being struck by lightning in 1976, not the way she would have chosen to discover it. Life as the Tower card. Oh well. Have fun.

We in the US need to grow up and stop living in a pink cloud and other odd bits

“There’s good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for. “ Samwise Gamgee

When bad things happen that quote always comes to mind for me. Mr Rogers was right. Look for the people who are helping. If you dwell on the bad you will be dragged down and won’t be any good for anyone. Find a way to deal with the horrid, I write or do something creative even if I think it sucks when I’m done. I would not recommend cooking however because dumping negativity in food is never good.

A lot of blogs today are really depressed about yesterday and bemoaning that they don’t feel safe here in the US with school shootings and bombs and I would like to remind people of some things.

News only reports the bad things. It only reports things that are news. Because news is the unusual or the uncommon, If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be news. It would be every day and not news worthy. So when you hear about school shootings or bombs it’s because most of the rest of the US is safe and that most people are good and law abiding or just too lazy to do things like a school shooting or a bombing.

And point two, people in the US are spoiled. We think we’re above that sort of thing. We aren’t, and the rest of the world has had to learn to live with it. I remember visiting the UK in the early 80’s and being warned about the IRA. Pakistan and Afghanistan live with it every day, and so do a lot of other places. We are spoiled. We are not above it. We are the same as everyone else and it’s about time we learned and accepted that and stopped behaving like spoiled children who bad things aren’t supposed to happen to. It does. We have had a false sense of security for far too long and the world has gotten a lot smaller. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this was home grown terrorists and not some scary foreigner. The more we believe things like Faux News and let things like red state v blue state and the big scary federal government go on the more likely home grown terrorism is. We need to deal with the problems here of not being able to get along before we throw stones overseas.


Today has been a weird day. The job I have wanted so badly just opened up but it means that someone who I really like is going to another dept. Now I just have to get through the application process and the interview.


I’m alone in my cubicle and today I’m wearing my hair in French braids and the ends are tucked up under a barrette because they are too short to wind around yet, Someone non-corporeal just ran their hand across the ends. I’m having a quiet freak out. There is no one within 20 feet of me. Cue the twilight zone music.

The Littlest Druid finds the good in the bad

Aisling looked around at what was left of the tiny village, everywhere around her the building’s roofs smoked. Household goods were strewn over the landscape. People lay where they had been slain. The marks of the weapons clear to be seen. There was nothing here for a healer to do.

She looked at the other druids around her. Some were in tears, some were in shock, some were angry. Aisling wasn’t sure how she felt, numb?

In the middle of the night a young boy had come yelling into the Druid village about the sea raiders that had come to his village up the coast to the north. The Chief Druid had quickly roused all the people old enough to help and they had come as fast as their ponies would go but it wasn’t in time. It looked like the boy was the last one left from his village.

Aisling looked at a loom in pieces on the ground and the half finished wool blanket in slashed hunks around it. She could see it would have been beautiful when it was finished with all the colours of sea and sky in brilliant hues. It made her sad. What made people think that they could come and harm a small village? Aisling’s heart hurt.

She could see an abandoned butter churn milk and butter left to curdle on its own. Ravens and crows gathered in the trees above some of the cottages as if waiting for a meal and she was glad her Raven was back home and not here. She couldn’t stand the thought of her being part of this.

The blacksmith must have run to his forge and laid about with his big hammer but it had done no good but she could see he had taken some of the raiders with him to the Summerland.

The older men went to build a pyre to burn the dead. The ravens and crows would get no meal here today. She wondered if the raiders had taken anything of value or if the reason the devastation was so bad was because the village was so poor. It made no sense at all to her and the tears ran down her face.

What made some people do this? No one in this village had done any harm. They had lived quiet lives. They sometimes sold their extra crops to the Druid village. The Chief Druid put his arm around Aisling and gave her a hug.

“Why? Why do people do this?” she asked him. The Chief Druid looked around and shook his head.

“I don’t understand it myself.” He said. “But it makes me cling to the good I can see. Some people want what others have. Some people think they have the only way. Some people just enjoy doing evil.”

“But what’s the good in this?” Aisling asked. She couldn’t see anything good at all.

“Hamish is alive, he’ll have a broken heart but he is alive. People came to help even though there was nothing they could do about the raiders. People will rebuild this village together and new people will help Hamish rebuild the village and his life. This village will be able to show its best hospitality again as is our way.”

People were now starting the clean up around them. Stacking timbers, collecting the things that were spread around the village. Someone was herding the sheep that had been on the hill above the village. One of the women was getting ready to milk the village’s last living cow. The cow was not happy, She should have been milked hours ago. The cow had blood on her horns and none of it was hers. The cow had obviously fought in the battle. Aisling wondered if it was one of Brighid’s cows since it was red and white.

Aisling went to start help collecting the goods left around the village. Maybe they could collect enough to put one household back together for Hamish. Someone had said his grandparents and an aunt and uncle had been sent a messenger. Would they want to settle here?

She looked towards the fields that appeared to be untouched. The oats were just starting to grown and the fields were aglow with the green of new growth. Would Hamish’s family tend them? It was strange to see such a strong symbol of life when she knew if she turned around she would see the blacks and grays of destruction.

Aisling collected a set of wooden bowls, some linens from where they had been dumped. She found someone’s prized bronze pin of a wild boar. It had a broken clasp but she thought it could be mended again and worn with pride. As the day went on the village started to look more like it would have life again.

Men were up on the thatched roofs pulling down the old straw and the burnt parts so they could be re-thatched. They had found the village thatcher’s store of straw and reed in an outside shed.

Some women from the next village were washing out the cottages and mixing white wash. Soon the cottages wouldn’t show any burn marks.

Aisling was near the back of one of the cottages when she heard a soft cry. She looked around to see where the noise was coming from. There was a pile of old abandoned clothes she guessed wasn’t good enough to steal and gently went over to sort through when she heard it again. This time she could hear that it was a mew. And she dug through the pile. Nestled under someone’s old tunic was a tiny black kitten. Its eyes were barely open. Aisling looked around quickly to see if there were any more but this one was alone.

Aisling cradled the kitten to her chest, it crawled up to her shoulder and nestled into one of her long red braids. So there was still life in the village, she thought. The kitten purred into her ear as she gently stroked its back and she wondered how long it had been since it ate. She headed over to where the woman was taking care of the cow, she had tied it to the outside of the pig sty.

Aisling had grabbed a napkin and fashioned into the shape of a nipple. Maire took one look at the kitten and grabbed the napkin. “I see someone needs to be fed here at least,” and dipped the napkin in the bucket of milk and handed it back to Aisling. “Are you ready to be a mathair?”

Aisling nodded and looked at the kitten as it greedily sucked on the napkin, at least one good thing had happened this day. She looked at the kitten. The Chief Druid was right, it had felt good to help even when she wished it hadn’t been necessary, but there is always some good with the horrid. It just can be hard to find.

“I’m naming ‘Nuadh Bheath’. ‘New life’ seems a good name, Beo for short? Do you like that?” Aisling looked down at the purring sleepy kitten and smiled for the first time that day.

Today’s reading



This is a time of rich nurturing and protection, learning and initiation, a time of loving and fertile relationships, both on the human scale and with the universe.

The Greenwoman mediates the sacred sovereignty of the Earth’s soul and can show the path to understanding of and communion with nature. But with this blessing comes responsibility. Remember this glorious, magnanimous and generous spirit can live through you, radiated by the sacred breath of life and given to others who need guidance and healing.

Learn from the abundant and joyous spirit of the Earth and be at one with the world and your true self.

The Greenwoman is she who blesses those that come through the gateway of life, with love, healing and protection. She is the spiritual and actual warmth of the midsummer sun, and gives the breath of life to nature, and the newly born.

Wild roses, symbol of an open heart, flow from her. Round her neck is a gold torc, a symbol of her sovereignty as Empress. Her golden cup is of amber, a translucent resin often called the teardrops of the sun.

The Greenwoman is also a tree in full leaf supporting many other species in its branches. She is abundance made manifest.

The Sheila-na-gig is the gateway of life. The flame on her third eye burns with divine intelligence and inner wisdom.

She is also the oracle , voicing the heart of the land. She is the empowered heart, at one with herself, independent, creative, loving, stable, abundant, nurturing herself and others.