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Missouri Man Arrested For Refusing To Leave His Husband’s Hospital Bedside [UPDATED] | ThinkProgress

For whom I love fighting cancer or other illness.

Hymn to Brighid

Brighid, Lady of flame
Forge of me a link
In the chain
Of strong women
Create a song in my heart
Help me heal with love

Sing me a song of flames
Sing me a song of hammer and anvil
Sing me a song of peace
Sing me a song of creation

Make me strong
Make me shiny
Make me tempered
Make me precious.

Sing me a song of flames
Sing me a song of hammer and anvil
Sing me a song of peace
Sing me a song of creation.

Use me to help
Use me to heal
Use me to create
Use me to make real

Sing me a song of morning
Sing me a song of night
Sing me a song of between times
Sing me a song of your light.

Kat – TOILA Brighid ritual 2001






Rules for Commenters and trolls and Daleks:

Be nice!

I have a right to my opinions and you telling me I’m stupid isn’t going to change them.

I do not go on other people’s blogs and leave nasty comments because you have a right to your opinions on your blog.

If I reply and give my opinion and you don’t like it, do not call me a troll, you left the comment to start.

If it’s regarding a language I speak fluently including slang and colloquialisms and you want to correct what you believe to be incorrect, because you read the dictionary definition, pull the other one.

You don’t have to like what I write, you have the right to do that – go read somewhere else.

If you want to pick a fight – go somewhere else.

If you are heterosexist or lesbiphobic – go somewhere else.

If you can’t be constructive or educational – go somewhere else.

If you want to bash anyone – go say how horrid I am on your own blog.

People I know personally have a right to comment logically and calmly. People I don’t know and are nasty can go bury themselves in a small airless box somewhere in a cow pasture. You will go to the digital equivalent of oblivion, may the blink angels find you.

If your reading comprehension skills need a brush up, I recommend the SRA reading system. It will help greatly.

If I manage to piss you off, consider that I may have been trying to get you to think. I’m a contrarian and sometimes I enjoy saying things to make people think. I, however do not get personal. I never throw stones directly at anyone. Sometimes I write things to see how I am thinking. I am also not PC, tough luck if you want me to be. I also never say anything I wouldn’t say to the person’s face. Can you say the same?

If you leave something nasty and block your return email – you are a coward and will be deleted.

Lastly, I’m a MacFarlane and the moon in Scotland is called MacFarlane’s Lantern for a reason. Thogail nam Bo theid sinn. You will never see me coming.

Poetry month – An Astrologer’s Song

Rudyard Kipling

To the Heavens above us

O look and behold

The Planets that love us

All harnessed in gold !

What chariots, what horses

Against us shall bide

While the Stars in their courses

Do fight on our side ?

All thought, all desires,

That are under the sun,

Are one with their fires,

As we also are one:

All matter, all spirit,

All fashion, all frame,

Receive and inherit

Their strength from the same.

(Oh, man that deniest

All power save thine own,

Their power in the highest

Is mightily shown.

Not less in the lowest

That power is made clear.

Oh, man, if thou knowest,

What treasure is here!)

Earth quakes in her throes

And we wonder for why!

But the blind planet knows

When her ruler is nigh;

And, attuned since Creation

To perfect accord,

She thrills in her station

And yearns to her Lord.

The waters have risen,

The springs are unbound –

The floods break their prison,

And ravin around.

No rampart withstands ’em,

Their fury will last,

Till the Sign that commands ’em

Sinks low or swings past.

Through abysses unproven

And gulfs beyond thought,

Our portion is woven,

Our burden is brought.

Yet They that prepare it,

Whose Nature we share,

Make us who must bear it

Well able to bear.

Though terrors o’ertake us

We’ll not be afraid.

No power can unmake us

Save that which has made.

Nor yet beyond reason

Or hope shall we fall –

All things have their season,

And Mercy crowns all !

Then, doubt not, ye fearful –

The Eternal is King –

Up, heart, and be cheerful,

And lustily sing: –

What chariots, what horses

Against us shall bide

While the Stars in their courses

Do fight on our side ?