Archive | April 9, 2013

A followup on G is for Gaming, the Goddess and Feminism

It’s a shame that few of the commenters on my G is for Gaming post have the reading comprehension skills of gophers. Not once did I say you had to give me a list. I thought it was obvious that the list was for yourself. Not once did I say, what I said mattered. Not once did I go into your business but now you seem to have made it mine. I DON’”T FUCKING CARE IF YOU DO VEILING! COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!

In case you hadn’t noticed most of the pagan community and from what I’ve seen in attendance at Faires and pagan pride that most pagans are female. So yes when I say community I mean your sisters. How you all construed that into sexual abuse and rape makes me think you are victims of a Victorian hysteria epidemic. You let my post get you wound up tighter than a rubber band on a toy airplane and at this rate it’s going to head for outer space.

You seriously need to look at your mental state if you let one person get you this mad over something that I made clear was your choice in my post. Except for a few cogent calm posters the majority of you seriously need some help because you make no logical sense.

I’m not attacking anyone for doing it although I’m sure a lot of people will think I am but I do want you to list 10 reasons to do it and not just, "my Goddess told me too", because my answer to that is the same one your mother would have given you about jumping off the building. Do mothers still ask that?

If the 10 reasons are logical to you then it doesn’t matter what any old fart like me says. It only matters that you have clear reasons for yours and not someone else’s reasons.”

This is what I said. Too bad you can’t read. Smooth out your panties, having a wedgie this long is really uncomfortable and get a life besides posting the nastiness on my blog. I have not invaded any of your blogs but you feel free to abuse me on mine. (Julie I don’t count you because I know we could have a civil discussion although last I read on your blog was that you had decided you were Episcopal. So I’m a bit confused there.)

And to the coward whose email address states that you don’t want attacks but you feel quite free to make them, yes you are ass and a coward. If you are going to dish out vituperation, have the huevos to stand up and take it like a woman.