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King of Cups

The picture shows male and female reindeer as both sexes have antlers. Male reindeer rut in the autumn for dominance of the herd and the antlers are a potent symbol of sexual power.

Fly agaric is also found at this time and the reindeer appear to eat this highly toxic red fungi and seem `drunk’. Some shaman drank the purified urine of the reindeer for its hallucinatory properties once the toxins had been removed.

Drawing this card denotes companionship, deep friendship. A sharing of profound understanding, a mutual love of knowledge from the past.

Possible creation of a home together, a sense of home-coming and enduring friendship.

weekend at the refuge

We went out to the Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge to try out the new camera. The damage from the Army Corps of Engineers assault is still appalling. A lot of the nesting and breeding areas were totally obliterated. A lot of heartbreak in the community around here about their behaviour. They say they were opening it up to more native plants but since it was already 80% natives they are a bunch of liars. I think they went in because the LAPD told them to clear out the homeless and the alleged drug users and prostitution which in the many years I’ve been going out there I have never, ever seen. The LAPD is a bunch of thugs any way and they are never out there doing anything about the illegal fishing, the dogs or the bicycles which aren’t allowed out there. So the LAPD can go kiss my lily white ass. They always lie when they want their way and lifting the federal protection order just let them go back to their old ways. And the fact that they did it over the holidays when they thought they wouldn’t get caught just proves it.

Pardon my crankiness but the whole way this went down is just the Federal Government doing what it wants as usual and the police state enjoying the benefit of it. Wow! Did I just become a Libertarian?

My back has been badly out of whack this week and I’ve been using my cane to go everywhere and driving and not taking the bus as usual so going out there might have been overly ambitious because I got half way around the lake and my leg when numb. I didn’t tell my sister because I didn’t want her to worry that she was going to have to carry me back. Thank heavens I was smart enough to admit I needed the cane. Taking pictures and adjusting the camera gave me great excuses to stop a minute.

I’m going to start labeling the photos NC for new camera and OC for old camera if I remember so people can see the differences. I’m still trying to work out the colour saturation problem. I want it to behave like Kodak not like the never changing eye of a computer. It’s still too washed out for my taste. I’ve got it set on underexposed -7 and ISO 80 or 100 which is more like Kodachrome so that should help some but we’ll see.

I am very happy with the tracking focus feature. I got the birds movement perfectly. The only problem with the 23x times zoom is that it makes it hard to hold still even when the alleged anti-blur technology is engaged. But it was also better than my old binoculars in dialing things in so that was nice. We would never have known bird island was covered in huge red eared turtles if I hadn’t had that and we’ve been going out there for years now.

I was surprised to see 2 pelicans out there. They usually don’t stay but I know that they had 2 injured ones that they let back out to the wild and they may have decided they liked it here. The Canada geese were making terrifically loud noises during their courtship battles. Non-stop noise and flapping the whole time we were there which is probably why there wasn’t an osprey or an owl in sight. Also thanks to the Army Corps of Rat Bastards, there were no bunnies, no squirrels, ground or tree, very few lizards and hug yellow patches where some sort of toxic herbicide had been applied. has all the documents that are being thrown back and forth over this and some awful pictures of the devastation of the refuge. We usually only go to the north side which is bad enough but the south side is just hideous now.

Next weekend I get to try it out on people at a birthday party.

If you want to know about Yana scroll back a few days.

Aspis of Ares

 Hear me swift Hermes, fleet-footed messenger,

Pray you fetch stern Dike to the fore,

And release for us cruel Ares, slayer of men.

Call before us the bloodthirsty father of tears and breaker of cities,

That we may beseech him, mighty bane of mortals.

Hear our prayer, o Succoror of Themis,

You who art gold broker of corpses.

Visit yourself upon the brother of Yana, together with your mighty host.

Feast upon his blood as is your wont, and visit upon him your terrible sons,

Fierce Phobos and terrible Deimos.

And let his flesh be rent and his soul torn,

His keeping left to the Erinyes, foul seekers of the wretched.

Give ear to your father, Zeus, who may judge him,

And let his place be Tartaros, foul place of the damned.

Deliver justice upon him, mighty Ares,

And let us feel solace in his torment.

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