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Beware honey counterfeitors

I’m so excited

A bit of exciting news! These two books will now be available in the U.K and in Europe on Amazon. When I asked about this last year they told me I had to prove there was a demand for my books overseas. I guess I have because the just opened up the opportunity. Sooo in a few days my books will be available in paperback across the pond! I’m really excited!

The Heart Town Witch and Other Stories


And The Tales of BunniHoTep

BunniHoTep and the Brisingamen

Once upon a time BunniHotep went down the Nile on a reed boat. She had decided she wanted to visit the Delta and watch all the ships come in from other countries.

She sat on a quay close to the Temple of Isis. She knew she could spend the night there and she really liked the large dark new statue of Isis they had in the main gallery. She thought it was rather handsome.

She noticed a very strange ship come in. It had large sails that rolled very differently from the Phoenician or Egyptian sails. They were quilted and they were made of wool not cotton. It had a large beast carved on the front beam of the ship. The beast had fierce-some teeth and large eyes and most intriguing of all, a very large hare was sitting on top of the beast. The ship had many oarsmen and big, well-used brightly coloured shields hung over the sides of the ship. As the ship was rowed into the quay, the hare spotted BunniHoTep and bowed to her and motioned her to come close to the ship. The hare was dressed in beautiful, shiny silver armor and she had a helmet with golden horns on it. The helmet made her look like she had 2 sets of ears. The Hare (for a Hare she was and not just any hare) hopped down off the beast to the gangplank and off the ship.

The Hare hopped up to BunniHoTep and bowed her head slightly. “I see you are a very special rabbit”, the stranger said. “ I haf come a very long vay vit a very special task. Vould you halp me?”

BunniHoTep looked at the Hare who talked so strangely. “ I can help you but who are you and where do you come from?”

The Hare looked a little embarrassed, “ My name is Kanin and I am de Helper of de goddess Freya. I come from a place of ice and snow and it’s very, very cold and different from dis place.”

BunniHoTep got excited, “ I help goddesses too! I’m so glad you came! But I have to ask a question what is that beast on your ship and is it alive?”

Kanin laughed, “ Oh no, dat is a drake, It is like Tiamat who lives near here.”

BunniHoTep nodded, she had no idea who Tiamat was but she decided to ask Nepthys later. She knew Nepthys would know who Tiamat was if anyone would. “How can I help you?” She said wrinkling her nose. She had no idea how she could help this strange bunny.

“I carry a very valuable but dangerous necklace that I vould like to hide somewhere it will never be found. Do you know any place like dat?’

BunniHoTep thought carefully. “ How dangerous is this necklace? Why have you come so far to hide some jewelry?”

Kanin thought before she began to tell her saga “I should tell you de story and then you can decide. Once upon time my Goddess Freya saw a necklace made by de dwarves. She left her husband Odin to have dis necklace so Odin left her and vinter came all the time. The necklace brings de Sun up North. And Spring didn’t come again until Odin returned to her and she gave up the necklace. So Odin has sent me far away to dis sunny place to hide it so Freya cannot find it and it von’t temp her to bring winter again. Our people need to grow tings in our short summer. It is better this way for all of us.”

BunniHoTep thought for awhile. “ I will help you. People here are buried with their jewelry so they can have it in the land of the Dead. If we put it in one of those no one will ever notice it. I know a young King who just died and his tomb is still open.”

So she led Kanin to the Valley of the Kings and they put it in the backroom of the boy King Tutankamon’s tomb and hopped out quickly when the workers were at their noon day rest.

“Tank you so much for halping me on my quest. Now spring will alvays come and my people will eat.” Kanin bowed low to BunnitHoTep. “You have done a great ting for us and ve vill not forget.”

Kanin went back to her ship and BunniHoTep watched as she was rowed away. They waved at each other ‘til they couldn’t see each other anymore. And BunniHoTep went back to watching the ships come in from far away places.

And that is why Spring still comes to the cold, north countries and strange things are found in boy king’s tombs. And it is the only time BunniHoTep, Goddess of lost objects deliberately lost something.

My new toy

My new camera is making me review all the metering lessons mentally that I learned when I was in photography classes and I realizing what a lazy butt I have been. My old camera had some manual settings and once I got it set the way I wanted I never really thought of if again because it was programmed the way I liked it.

This new camera has 3 main modes. Totally auto which they deem “easy”, a programmable with some fixed settings which mimics what I had but with some extras and a totally programmable manual setting much like my old Nikon FM.

It also has a lot of crap settings that I will never ever use like some fake Instagram type settings. I’m a photo realist. I’m never going to turn a photo green just because I can.

It does have a couple of settings that I might try. One that says it reads the red/yellow which would equate it more with a Kodachrome and one that reads blue/ yellow which so that will more like Fuji film. I can’t remember how Agfa read so I do have some more toys that way. What you thought cameras read light as white. Nope film cameras never did. They always read the scene with a colour preference. Kodak always thought Americans preferred red so their film did. Fuji reads the cooler hues which would appear to be the Asian preference. Maybe it’s because it’s what I’m used to but I do prefer it to read the scene more read than neutral. Because digital cameras have nothing to do with film they just seem to wash out the colour and contrast unless you fiddle with it which is why they had to invent Photoshop.

Maybe I’ll take it out to the wildlife refuge this weekend and play with it. Now that I have a more powerful zoom and something called tracking focus I can finally catch a decent picture of the ospreys or the owls that nest out on bird island.

We lost one of our own in Syria

Pagan Newswire Collective - Minnesota Bureau

I’m at a loss for how to write this obituary, this tribute to a life lost so horribly.  The usual forms a reporter uses won’t work in this situation.  I don’t know her birth date  or the exact day she died, and because I don’t want to put others in harm’s way in Syria, I can’t even use her real name.

What I do know is that this is the last email I received from Yana in June of 2012.


I know she lived in an area of Syria where the fighting was intense and foreign fighters, allied with local Sunni fundamentalists, had taken over the adjoining area.   When she, like other Pagans in the area,  no longer responded to attempts at communication, I hoped she had fled with her family or was staying quiet to avoid detection.  She told me the rebels were targeting women and she was especially afraid they would find…

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