Balance is an illusion – Go with the flow

Balance in nature is a myth. Equinox lasts a minute and then it moves again. As pagans we talk a lot about seeking balance but in reality it does not exist and indeed, stasis equals death.

Nature is always moving. The planets, no matter what they appear to be doing are always moving and are always moving forward. There are no retrogrades. They only look that way to our sight.

All living things move. Their hearts beat. Their lungs move. Blood and sap flows and water moves through their tissues.

So our reverence for seeking balance when none exists is misguided. Stasis and stagnation and non-movement are death. And even then nature abhors a vacuum and things will start carting you off to be used and recycled.

So why do we seek non-movement or balance. Someone sold us a bill of goods. Newton realized it wasn’t real, See the laws of thermodynamics. Humans have some illusion that if they somehow seek balance their lives will be smoother. They won’t be but we still seek something and the very seeking for that balance is a stressor we don’t need. Instead, how about moving with the flow? Life flows and you can either let it batter you or you can swim with the current, even stagnant ponds don’t stay stagnant they progress to become meadows.

I think it’s better to see where the flow in your life is going and go with it. I’m not talking about trying to fit in or follow someone else’s flow. I’m saying, find the current in your own river and stop fighting the flood. Stop trying to be balanced and seek movement in your life and do not stop. Bend with the wind and move with the flow.

2 thoughts on “Balance is an illusion – Go with the flow

  1. Very interesting post and food for thought. I suppose I think of balance in my personal life more as moderation rather than stasis. I agree that stopping equates stagnation and is not healthy.


  2. It’s true what you say. When we beging our pagan path, it is useful to grasp a basic idea about what the seasonal festivals are, and to have basic astronomic understanding of things. However, if we choose to move on and explore the path ourselves, we gain more personal, more direct experience of the Wheel of the Year. For instance, this is my second Ostara – and this time I really feel the confused, unstable energy of it.


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