Archive | March 19, 2013

Spring in Los Angeles

I try not to be too obnoxious about my love for where I live but I do love L.A. and I really love Los Angeles in the spring. It comes early here and with such beauty it can take your breath away.

Right now all the trees are flowering and the hills are beautifully green before they turn to California golden. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold and the air is fresh and so much cleaner that it was when I was a kid. The air was brown when I was a kid and now thanks to the AQMD it hardly ever is and it doesn’t hurt to breathe either.

Here are a list of stellar places to visit in Los Angeles in spring.

Descanso Gardens :

The LA Arboretum

The Huntington library and gardens

Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens :

Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine :

And you can check the CA wildflower hotline for what’s in bloom now :

An Ostara egg story

Once upon a time there was a great bird known as the Great Cackler, she would have been an ibis if there had been ibis. She was having a very hard day. She had the need to lay an egg and it was taking a very long time to be ready.

She wondered what she could do to pass the time. Knit? No that hadn’t been invented yet. Walk the halls? Hmmm, the humans weren’t there to build them yet. And besides she seemed to be surrounded by water.

Sooo… she paced the ether wondering what it would hatch into. She couldn’t even guess but she hoped it would bring her company for she was very lonely.

Finally, one day, it was ready. She went to the nest she had built and sat. She made herself cozy. And she started to lay her egg. It was coming and wow, it was big. She laid and she laid and she laid and ohhhhhh, it was coming. BANG! It arrived.

IT WAS BIG! Really big! Really, really really big! It was a lovely blue colour and it lay quite still in the nest for a short time and then it started to rock. Back and forth it rocked, faster and faster.

CRACK! The egg had split in two and a very shy bit of light appeared. Slowly it worked its way out of the egg and POP! Floated into the sky. And the Great Cackler named her child Ra. He was the Sun.

Ra shone on the water around the nest and started to dry up the water around the nest and the earth and sky appeared. And so appeared Nuit and Tefnut, Geb and Shu. Sky and moisture, Earth and Air.

Geb and Nuit were lonely and so they had 2 sons and 2 daughters at once. Osiris and Set were the boys and Isis and Nepthys were the girls. But not many people know that after Geb and Nuit’s children were grown and had left the nest they had another very small daughter, BunniHoTep. It seemed appropriate for them to have a rabbit goddess. She would live in the Earth and jump to the sky. And one of the things she would love best was dancing under the wide evening sky. She would always be small and sometimes overlooked by the bigger more important deities but she would never be completely forgotten.

She has a special relationship to her larger sisters, Nepthys and Isis, and is always near them. They seem to lose important things so she needs to be there close by.

Geb and Nuit gave her the job of watching the shards of the egg that was left from the creation of the Sun. The egg is now kept in Thoth’s Temple. She became so adept at finding the small shards Geb and Nuit gave her a promotion to the Goddess of finding lost objects. And so she remains to this day, a finder of lost objects. So when you lose your other sock, your keys or your best friend you must ask nicely of Her and She, if She is willing will help you find your lost things. But you must remember some things are best left unfound and undisturbed. She can also be invoked during the spring ritual of egg hunts when real eggs have been used. The kind of hunt that the only other way you will find those missing eggs is some time in summer and you find them by their smell.