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Confessions of a Hedge Witch

Joan Marler, literary executrices of Marija Gimbutas, and founder of the Journal of Archaeomythology, has now made this journal open access.

One has to register, but from that point you can access very important scholarly articles continuing the work of Gimbutas online for free.

This is a very generous gesture since Gimbutas’ work has been instrumental in the reclaiming of female approaches to divinity across the world.

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Saturday adventures

My sister and I went to Descanso Gardens on Saturday which I have to admit is just about one of my favourite places on the planet. If you live in the Southern California area now is the time to visit because spring is definitely sprung up there.

It is always lovely but in spring it’s magnificent. They plant the beds with a succession of daffodils and tulips. Last year it was all shades of pinks and purples but this year it’s all shades of yellow through red and I very partial to any flower that is a true yellow. I have no idea why. I won’t wear yellow but I’m a sucker for a yellow flower.

All the cherry trees were in full bloom and there was a bus load of Japanese tourist in front of them having their picture taken. Why you go half way around the world to have your picture taken in front of a tree from home I will never know. When I worked the electronics counter at a mall in college in summer we used to get bus loads of Japanese tourists and the first place they stopped was the electronics counter to take pictures of the Japanese electronics and I didn’t understand that either.

It was my last foray with my poor old camera and it did yeoman’s duty as always although its meter was rather cranky on manual setting. I’m going to have to experiment with the new one to find out how hot its meter is going to read.

The camellias were still in bloom. They have a literal forest of camellias up there. It makes you feel like you are very tiny and in a magic forest. The camellias are over 20 feet tall and sometimes thirty feet tall under towering oaks. You are surrounded by camellias of white through deep red. We did see one brand new one from Nuccio’s wrapped up to protect it from the deer and it was pale yellow and it is going to involve a field trip up to Nuccio’s in Altadena I fear because I developed a severe case of camellia lust and so did Alison. Some one put it under a pale yellow Japanese magnolia which is something else you don’t see very often and it was lovely too.

In the mulberry pond were the turtles and koi and one poor disabled male mallard. He was all beaten up and it appeared he had one leg and was blind in at least one eye. He was all by himself and I was glad he had found some place safe but there are coyotes up there and at least one mountain lion passes through there twice a year so I hope he stays safe.

They have a Japanese tea house but it was too crowded to go near so we went to the lilac garden that is just starting to bloom and smelled heavenly. For non-Californians, very few lilacs will grow here and the ones that do were hybridized at Descanso so it’s fun to see all the different ones they have tried and smell all of them. The best one is still Lavendar Lady.

We were going to make a stop at the Swedish bakery so we called ahead to see if they had limpa and they had run out by 9:30am. Next time I’m having my sister call on Friday night.

My sister and I had a lovely day and I want to go up again in a few weeks to see the next phase of spring when the roses start blooming.

You are one of many and it is not about you

I must be missing a fundamental piece in my personality. I see no reason that my being gay should affect one single other person on the planet unless that person is my partner. I see no reason why it’s any of my business if someone is transgender or transitioning. I see no point that another person’s life choices should affect me in any way and neither should any of my life choices affect you. My life choices are my life choices. If you are defining your choices by my choices you have no life of your own. And that is very sad.

If I chose to get an abortion, it does not affect you.

If I chose to have sex reassignment, it does not define you.

If I chose to get marry someone of the same sex, it does not affect you.

If I chose to shave my head in solidarity with a friend with cancer, it does not affect you.

If I chose to dye my hair purple, it does not affect you.

I f I chose to have a hysterectomy or a mastectomy, it does not affect you.

If I decided to live my life as a straight woman , (I wouldn’t) but it would not affect you.

My spirituality does not affect you.

The Deities I follow do not affect you.

None of these choices make your choices invalid, it makes me secure enough in who I am to make my own choices. You can care that I make them but you may not interfere or judge, they are my choices just as your choices are your choices and I have no right to judge or interfere. I am not the center of your universe and should not be the center of your universe.

Any other way of dealing with it is the engagement of your ego. Not mine. I do not care what you think of my choices. Your opinion about those personal life choices is of no value to me. If you do not like gay people, transgendered people, strong independent women, women who choose to have an abortion or not, or any other person whose life choices offends you or makes you question yourself, you do not matter. You do not matter because then it has become about you and it is not about you. You are not the center of the universe.

You have only the responsibility for your choices, no one else. No even your child’s choices are your business. Your parent’s choices are not your business. You are part of the world’s rainbow of choices. You are one of many circling the sun. Each and every one unique and hopefully empowered to make their own choices. We need to work to empower everyone’s choices and not worry about other’s choices. It’s not about you.