I bought a new extension of myself

I’m feeling guilty in some ways and elated in others. I spent part of my first tax refund in years on a new camera. I paid all the bills first but still… My poor old Sony was getting cranky and not always opening it’s lens fully so I had to tap it to wake up and one of my expensive back up batteries would no longer recharge. It was the latest thing when I bought it 6 years ago but I’ve taken so many pictures with it. I’ve uploaded over 11,000 pictures on Facebook alone. I had to get an external hard drive for all of my photos. In short, I take a lot of pictures.

I ‘m getting a last year’s model Sony, Sony DSC-H200 Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD. It’s a bit bigger but it no longer takes an expensive only available from Sony battery. It takes AAs which I can get a charger for and if I’m out and about I can buy a battery if one goes flat. This Sony is also programmable and not totally automatic which I hate. The meters always are too hot to suit me on automatic. Hot = no vivid colour only washed out pictures. I hate that. I wanted it for this weekend but I didn’t get the state refund in time so I’m hoping for the best at the Getty tomorrow. I think I’ll cope.

I’m really looking forward to the longer zoom capabilities without having to go back to having a huge long, heavy telephoto lens.

Way back when I was getting my degree as a Naturalist I also had ambitions to be the next great Nat Geo wildlife photographer and ended up with one of my 6 minors in Photography. All I really did was get myself into a big hole of debt because film photography was incredibly expensive by the time you have bought camera, film, film reloader, film developer, paper, camera accessories etc. I got a really good portfolio out of it and placed in a Kodak Student film contest with all three of my pics my prof entered but I just couldn’t afford to try to make a living that way and it didn’t help that R Reagan put a hiring freeze on both the EPA, Park Service and the Forest Service right after I graduated. I was number 3 on the hiring list for all the good it did me. By the time it came off the Park Service was no longer run by Naturalists and had switched its focus to hiring people with law enforcement degrees and I had no interest in being a police officer. So I never got my deeply desired Smoky the Bear hat.

This is how I eventually ended up in insurance land and not in a forest except on days off. I even stopped taking pictures for many years, almost 15 years and then I broke down and got my first digital camera and discovered my love again. I’m still pretty much a purest when it comes to camera work. I don’t like doing tricks or corrections in Photoshop. I use it mainly for slideshows. But I still love the art of seeing and the delight in the moment of capturing exactly what I wanted and I love the occasional surprise that shows up when I get home.

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