Please don’t waste your money on the movie, it ain’t Oz!

I have no intention of seeing this movie because like The Hobbit I will only get really angry and annoyed. As I have said before, it was discovered that I had learned to read while my mom was reading the Oz books to my brother and I and I think it was somewhere during The Road tof Oz because I remember reading the Patchwork Girl of Oz all by myself and feeling quite proud to do it. And I have no intention of giving Joxer’s brother any of my money.

I had a really hard time as it was reading Wicked and seeing the musical but this? No. The reviews mention witches named Theodora and Evanora. Uh , NO! The witches of the East and West had no names and the witches of the North and South are Gaylette and Glinda. By the way it’s wrong in the first movie where they say Glinda was the Good Witch of the North. I was always disappointed in the first movie that this movie seems to be based on and not the 14 books by L. Frank Baum and the sequels by Ruth Plumly Thompson and John R Neill who was also the illustrator of the first books. It would seem to be that the books would be where you go when you want more material not the old movie.

For one thing, in the books it is clear that it really happened and Dorothy really does go to Oz and eventually moves there with Auntie Em and Uncle Frank in the Emerald City of Oz. She also goes to other lands like Ev and meets the evil Gnome King and the captive ruling family of Ev in the Ozma of Oz which with the second book, The Marvelous Land of Oz, are my two favourites.

Ozma captured my imagination because she starts out as a boy named Tip who doesn’t know she is really the queen of the land of Oz who has been imprisoned by the witch Mombi, who though not named as such, I always thought was one of the wicked witches. She, the rightful ruler of Oz was given to the witch by the Wizard and that really does make him a bad, bad man. Glinda finds this out because the Wizard makes three visits to Mombi. Another reason not to see the movie for me.

I always liked the end of the first book better because of the war between the Hammer heads with no arms and the Hoppers who only have one leg. The wars started because the Hammerheads made the joke that the Hoppers have less understanding and the war is on. I loved that joke as a kid and I still think it’s funny.

So I advise you to go to the library or invest in the books yourself and not waste money or time on this movie. It ain’t Oz.

2 thoughts on “Please don’t waste your money on the movie, it ain’t Oz!

  1. I’ve read the books and I must say I didn’t mind the movie, in a sort-of “fan fiction” kind of way. I understand why you wouldn’t like it, but if you see it as an alternative story, the same way fan fiction works, it can still be fun. I think there’s some good in most things if we care to look, specially regarding the arts. Oh and it made my little cousin start reading the books, from what I’ve heard 🙂 She wanted to know exactly what had happened! So that’s another good thing, right?
    Blessings and light )0(


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