Archive | March 7, 2013

Seriously ick!

One of my good friends on Lj, mrdreamjeans has to go to his nephew’s wedding today and he said the bride had chosen brown and beige for the wedding colours. Seriously for a spring wedding in Texas? Could you be any more boring? He said no gay man had helped with the wedding, I’d have to say that no lesbian did either. How gross in brown and beige?

Brown and beige? Are you trying to make your bridesmaids look like the undead? Although a zombie wedding might be kind of fun but it would at least have blood red. Anyone very fair is going to look totally terrible. I suppose it’s better than the wedding parties I saw use the church down on Olvera Street. One was shades of chartreuse and another was a kind of wine that looked like it had already passed through a wino.

If I had ever been stupid enough to get married, it would have been either tuxes or Renaissance Faire/pirate and shades of green and mostly hunter or evergreen tree green. And with no distinction on who wore what sexes garment so if a woman wanted to be comfortable in a jerkin or a kilt or trews she could be. Although if a man wanted to wear a bodice, I’d have to ask him, waht the hell for? They’re uncomfortable. I see no reason to make people be uncomfortable just because you are going through a pointless ritual.

I’m afraid I don’t see the point of marriage, gay or straight unless you have children. It’s a ritual of the patriarchy establishing ownership of your wife and children and exists for no other reason. In the middle ages serfs weren’t allowed to get married for just that reason. They had no property to pass on. If you wanted to commit, you went in front of the church door and declared you were a couple. Going inside was for rich folks with property who had to establish that their children were legitimate for inheritance purposes. Everybody should have access to the civil ceremony or no one should but I really don’t see the point.

All I can say is I’m glad I’m not in that wedding party!