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On the hunt

I know this is not a world shaking problem but in Los Angeles it can be challenging.

I went to buy a few loaves of limpa from the only bakery I know that makes it and they had run out.


Limpa, for those that don’t know is Swedish rye bread.


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The Prince of Wales’ School of Traditional Arts holds that the practice of the traditional arts is a contemplative process based upon universal spiritual truths. Art is seen as an integral part of everyday life and not a luxury; neither is it a subjective psychological experiment, nor a whimsical exercise in nostalgia.   

The School’s programmes aim to encourage an awareness amongst students that form, pattern and colour as manifested in the various branches of the traditional arts, are not simply pleasing to the senses, or demonstrations of good design, but are created to embody beauty — the beauty of the permanent that shines through into the world of the transient.  The distinction made today between ‘Fine Art’ and ‘Craft’ is entirely modern.  In a traditional society painting, pottery, carpentry, agriculture and music were all expressions of art or making and the artist’s practical activity was integrated, not only into…

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I honour you

I see the earth in your body
I honour Earth
I see you breathe in and out
I honour Air
I see the passion of your heart
I honour Fire
I see the strength of your tears
I honour water
I see You!
I honour Spirit.
May you see the same in me and honour all