E is for What is your Elemental affinity

What Element do you have an affinity for?

Everyone has at least one element they work best with for spells and other magic. When you know your elemental affinity it makes it easier to quickly pull the energy together. In a public ritual it makes circle casting much easier if you are doing “your” element. I do recommend using all the elements from time to time because it’s always good to not be earth heavy etc. Balance can be a good thing and as we mature and change in the Craft your elemental affinity may change or during different rites of passage such as pregnancy your elemental affinities may change.

If you are Earth you can pretty much plant your feet and go but if you are Air you may be the one in circle that has to have your hands over your head and reaching. People with Fire affinity may find they have energy to spare and Water people can quite literally go with the flow to move energy.

I have found that elemental affinity has absolutely nothing to do with what is in your astrological chart. Just because you have a lot of Air signs in your chart does not mean you will work more easily with Air, in fact you may find the opposite is true. For instance: I have 5 planets in Cancer and a grand water trine and Gemini sun and moon. I have one planet in Earth and yet that is the primary element I feel comfortable working with. I don’t like working with water. I even hate to swim so working with water does not appeal to me at all. You would think it would be easy with that much water but it isn’t. It feels gross.

So how do you know what elements you have an affinity for? Turn around and look at what you like to do. How do you choose spend your non-working time or even what job did you choose to do if you are happy in your job?

Some are no-brainers. If you love to garden and be out with plants and have your hands in the dirt? Have a green thumb? Then probably Earth is your element. But it also can be liking to bake, do things like silver –smithing which also could be tied to fire depending on what the attraction is. People who like exercising and learning martial arts also may be Earth oriented.

Writing and liking computers can indicate air but if you like creating new ideas and stories that also may show an affinity for fire. They call it the creative spark for a reason.

Are you a good counselor? You may have an affinity for water and it may be Air also. It depends on how it feels.

Are you happiest out in the weather? What kind of weather is pulling you outside? Is it a thunderstorm, it may be fire? Wind storm obviously Air. Rain would be water. Still calmness most likely to be Earth. Hot sunny day? F ire. As I said some are no-brainers. And you may find you have 2 elements that you have affinities for.

Sometimes, you have to ask yourself why you like a particular activity to get to the elemental answer. What if you’re a long distance trucker? It wouldn’t necessarily seem to have an affinity. So do you like the freedom? Do you like seeing new places? The fact that any boss you may have is far away? Or do you like being out in weather? Do you like the fact that you are transporting food to people who need it? What aspect is making you happy? That would be a pretty good clue to the element that is yours. You can ask these questions for any activity to get your answer.

If you really enjoy asking the questions then I’d say Air, right there.

In case you hadn’t figured mine out, it would be Earth and Air. I’m never happier than when I’m taking pictures outside or gardening and telling stories. What are your favourite things to do? What element makes you happiest?

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  1. Loving to exercise can go either way… Earth or Fire. In my case, Fire. I love to be doing things. Whenever I enjoy something passively, like watching a sport or listening to music, I immediately want to see how I can actively participate. That is why I lift weights, play music, and write as well as read. That is Fire.

    At my Altar, I always stand in the South facing the North. I embody Fire to Dance with Earth. I work to keep a balance between Air and Water while I do this.

    The overarching goal is to keep a balance between all 4 Elements, and my weekly Tarot readings help me do this. Position 3, 10, and 13 of my readings tell me which Element that I am lacking in and that I need to work on.

    Great article, btw. I think I;m going to share this with some of my new-witchy friends. You are a very good teacher!


    • Thanks! But you don’t necessarily have to be in balance as long as you are aware of how the elemental energy is flowing thru you at the time.


  2. I think I go through cycles. Sometimes I feel my Air-Water side much more strongly (Epic poetry time, epic music time, hurricane power, oh yeah) and other times it’s the Earth-Fire side (Make ALL the things, do ALL the Exercise!) so I’m not really sure what’s up with that.


  3. i’m guessing it doesn’t help that i’m feeling drained at the moment but I am unsure about my current Element affinity. I love to create so I would say some fire and I do love a storm but I really love the wind. That said I am a highly emotional creature. maybe I just need some tea 🙂


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