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Pickled Hedgehog Dilemma

Science has always been ruled by facts, the facts and evidence of any question or hypothesis has always been held above all else.  This has always been the great equalizer in science; where a Nobel Laureate can be proven wrong by an undergraduate researcher with experimental data.  However this appears to be changing for some parts of science, as politics grabs hold and tries to change what it will.  In recent years several scientific topics have become the subject of political scrutiny; not because there were errors in experimentation or disproved results.  Because some have decided that they dislike the results, and that in turn should make the science wrong.  Where does this leave the actual science?

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Rant about other people’s imagined “privilege”

I’m getting annoyed with all the discussion of “privilege” in the pagan community. I went through this 30 years ago in the lesbian community and it’s false doctrine for lack of a better term because privilege is strictly in the eye of the beholder. And it gets used as a weapon and not an agent for change.

I’m sick of the “P” word. It doesn’t do anything but try to drag down the alleged and imagined privileged and it doesn’t better the status of the people who think everyone else is privileged but them.

I had several exes who tried to shame me as allegedly being white collar when they were raised blue collar. It never worked because it wasn’t true and it didn’t mean anything. Yes, my dad eventually had a white collar job because he worked hard to get his Masters in Education and became a teacher but he was raised on a farm and was a hobo in the Depression before finally getting a job with the CCC and later a job with the railroad as a telegrapher after teaching himself. He certainly wasn’t privileged when he was hopping railcars and begging for food. He got his education in the GI bill in WWII after being in the European theater. But my exes were of the false opinion that only blue collar people really worked because they used their hands. It’s bloody stupid and backwards.

My mom’s parents were both immigrants. Grandma emmigrated from Canada and her dad had a bakery on Vermont Ave in LA. My grandpa’s family emigrated from Sweden and he got his degree as an architect from Manual Arts and worked his way up through the architecture firm of Hunt and Chambers. He spent a year in a TB sanatorium because he had to have a lung removed from graphite from shaving his drafting pencils.

How hard you are willing to work and whether you are willing to go to night school or whatever to get an education to raise yourself up determines your worth not whether you are blue or white collar. How open you are to other people’s differences are what is important not a weapon word like privilege.

I worked my way through school to get my degree. I had a full time job because my brother was in school and my sister was too. I took time off and was a supervisor at Penney’s before getting my degree. I took 7 am classes before work and I took 4 or 5 pm classes after work. I worked hard that does not make me “privileged” because I now have a white collar job which have a bad habit of going to India. Where’s the privilege?

I was born with disabilities so should I view all temporarily able bodied people as privileged? That’s a pretty stupid pissing contest. Disabilities can be transient and if you don’t act like you should be pitied and you just do what you need to do then it really shouldn’t hold you back. I used to hate the blind kids that would whine that they couldn’t do something and some one should make it easier for them or lead them around. Count the steps yourself and use what you do have. If you have ears, use them to get around. Don’t depend on someone make it easier for you. That isn’t going to happen and someone will always move the furniture. That’s life.

You’re in pain and have mobility problems. Well, you can’t see pain and mobility problems almost always have a solution, you just need to find it for yourself. The good faery isn’t coming to help you.

I’m a lesbian, should I view straight people as if they are privileged? No, I should work to change things so all people are equal.

Whining about some people being privileged is just that, whining. You want something to be different? Work to change it! It’s demeaning to all people if you are whining about either being privileged or that other people have some imagined privileged. Judging someone for having some imagined privilege is just stupid. Because it may be just that –an imagined privilege not a real one.

It always amazes me how behind the times the pagan community is from the gay community. It’s divisive and stupid and it was when the gay community did it in the 1980’s. It led to all the stupid alphabet soup that divides rather than unites the gay community. Pretty soon it will be the LGBTQI ABCESXYZ Community because everyone insists on their own letter. Separates you from the whole it does not make you one community. Especially when most of the work has always been done by 2 letters L & G. The rest weren’t around most of the time for the protest marches , the first parades, the demonstrations etc. They are late to the party and asking not so nicely to be included. Where were you when the men were dying in the 80’s? Where were you when we marched? Asking to be included when the work is mostly done is the only privilege I can see in any of this.

It’s the same with the pagan community. Where were you when we were marching with United We Circle or appearing on tv and getting laughed at when it was just Wiccans out there sticking their noses out in public? When women were losing custody of their children because they wanted to be Wiccan. Now people don’t want to be “fluffy bunny Wiccans”. They want to be hardcore witches but who did the real work in the last 20 years building the Pagan community, the Wiccans.

People need to honour the people that got you here and stop dividing into splinter groups and demanding to be included now that the work is mostly done. People who were marching and doing things and getting the first tax exempt statuses. People who got messages of hate written on their cars or front doors, who had to hide gatherings from people like Geraldo Rivera that wanted to do some big expose, before a large part of the community now was ever even born.

No one worried about “privileged”. They just did the work. Be kind to one another, Help one another and stop whining that you are different and no one is respecting that. Work together and stop pulling apart. And grow a pair. AND STOP WHINING AND DO SOMETHING!