Archive | February 12, 2013

Comfort food

It’s funny but predictable that when I start to feel sick I head for one of two things, yummy eggs or hot jello. (Search yummy eggs if you want the recipe. It’s gluten free. 🙂 )

My dad used to go in the kitchen and start making navy bean soup when he started get sick. My sister heads for the chicken soup or eggs goldenrod.

I don’t know if other families do this but I know mine is predictable.

When I was a kid I was always disappointed that dad’s soup wasn’t blue. My logic said that navy bean soup ought to be blue but it wasn’t. It was just a boring white. And he never used a recipe. He just through stuff in and made it. So I have no idea other than beans and milk and butter.

I can’t remember what my mom did or my brother, I wish I could.

February is a downer

I love spring but this is the time of year where I can sink below the surface if I’m not careful. Caesar was told to fear the Ides of March, it’s the Ides of February I have to be careful during.

My mom died in 2007 on February 15, my little brother who died of brain cancer, birthday was February 26, my dad died on March 1, 2001 and his birthday was March 31. So from now to the end of March is not my happiest time. The reason February only has 28 days is because the Romans viewed it as a very unlucky time of year. That is the reason Julius Caesar and Augustus robbed it to make their months longer. They figured the shorter the better. But then they also had an 8 day week.

It’s the time of year I’m most likely to get sick and most likely to have a migraine and most likely to get hurt. A lady didn’t stop at a stoplight on February 1996 Leap Day and rolled my car 3 times and it landed upside down and I ended up with CBI (closed brain injury). Not fun! And my first big earthquake Feb 9th 1971 also not fun!

I think one of the reasons I’m so attracted to Brighid is that she sits squarely in front of February and guards it. February was the Roman month for purification rituals and honouring their dead. So that may be another reason it’s shorter. All the months used to have 28 days before kings and consuls started messing with them. Most Romans paid more attention to the Kalends (beginning of the month, and originally the new moon) the Nones, ( the 8 and 9th day of the month, half moon ) the Ides (around the 15th of the month, or full moon) and other than festival days probably didn’t pay much attention unless it was market day.

Anyway, February will never be my favourite month, March is better because I can at least start looking at wildflowers and I’m able to get lost in all the colour.