Are spells prayers? an answer to a comment

The origin of the word prayer comes from the Latin precarius meaning ‘obtained by entreaty’. Stone of Destiny asked whether I really thought a spell was a prayer and the answer is yes. Oxford Dictionary defines prayer as – “a solemn request for help or an expression of thanks addressed to God or another deity.” It also says it is “an earnest hope or wish”. A spell falls under both of those qualifications.

A curse does too. I would hope if you have chosen to perform a curse on someone it was at the very least and earnest hope or wish for it to happen or why are you spending the time to perform it?

A novena is a prayer and it is no different from any healing candle spell done by a witch. The deities and words may be different but the intent is the same.

He also says that when you cast a spell you expect success and that you might not if you are praying and I disagree because of something I was taught long ago in Sunday School that God always answers prayer. You might not always like the answer but that sometimes the answer is “no”. Is a spell any different? No, there is always a result and sometimes the result isn’t what we expect especially if we are not careful with how we phrase things. It’s that pesky “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it thing.”?

So yes, I do think all spells are prayers even we are just putting it out there to the universe or asking our higher self. And we expect to be answered even if we are just saying thank you.

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  1. This is something that I have had several disagreements with my New Testament professor. He says ‘no’, but I think that is colored by Christian prejudice. I showed him several examples of spells and prayers that there was virtually no difference between. He is a very smart man, but I agree with you on this one.


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