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C is for Cranky Old Crone

C is for Cranky Crone

Once you become a menopausal witch and start to look more like the caricatures of old witches, (no warts but occasionally a few hairs that go where they shouldn’t, and green only when car sick) a lot of things change about your magic.

One is that you obviously don’t cycle. You don’t feel the tides moving you and you feel more stable. You also don’t notice the moon affecting you as much, if at all. There is no difference to a full moon or a new moon.

Two, because to that lack of fluctuation, your power is available all the time. You can pull energy and it comes pretty evenly which make you more aware that the problem in your younger days wasn’t the moon it was your cycling. It’s more like turning on the tap than having to gather energy,

Three, you stop suffering fools because you feel you don’t have the time to deal with them. On the other hand, (four fingers and a thumb) If someone is meeting your standards you will bend over backwards for them. After 50, life is too short to piss around with people who don’t get it.

Four, you are aware of the things you could do but choose not to do because it will upset the balance that is easier to see when you get older. I find it much easier to see the flows of energy now. I don’t get so impatient about waiting for it to build or get where I want it.

Five, you work less magic and you get less worked up about it. When I was just starting out, everything had to be just so and I had to have every correct component of a spell now I tend to the Granny Weatherwax school of magic. As far as I’m concerned Granny Weatherwax is a Goddess! If you are not familiar with her I suggest reading Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett. The man has been spying on our coven for years. At least that’s what it feels like.

Six, don’t piss me off. If you get me to a rare state of fury you better be running. I don’t curse but I’ll make you wish I had. There are things worse than cursing. The word marooned comes to mind.

Seven, I treasure my magical sisters. I have one immediate family member left. My parents and my little brother have gone into the West. So my magical sisters are also my sisters. I know the high value of my fellow magical workers and when we set a circle, you know it has been set. And we have been doing it long enough we can wing it and still make your hair stand on end.

So when you younguns’ get 25 more years down the path and your gray hair is showing and you use a cane and not a wand to cast the circle, you’ll know what I mean.

A Curse is a prayer to harm someone

Cursing is a prayer to cause someone harm. A spell is a prayer sometimes with physical components and always with directed intent. The physical components like a candle or herb are to help you focus the energy that you want to send out or direct but you are always asking for help from the universe or a deity and that makes a curse a prayer.

Now I have no problem cursing some one that is doing or has done you physical or mental harm, if that harm can be verified by an objective outside party. (I don’t mean actually asking someone unless you are uncertain whether it really is harm but if you would hesitate to ask maybe it really isn’t harm.) So go ahead and hex a rapist or other person that has done harm to you like rob your house that harm already done is equal by far to any blow back but and it’s a really big BUT if it wasn’t physical was it harm you caused and you got what you deserved?

Too often we cause people to say hurtful things or do things we don’t like. That doesn’t constitute harm no matter how mad you are. Did you behave badly? Are you behaving like a petulant child in a relationship and you got slapped down? Are you the one with the bad attitude? Have you been wanting something your own way and you just didn’t get it and now you want to fling a curse? That is a slippery slope and I advise several hours or meditation on your own part of whatever happened. And did you do everything you could to avert whatever happened.

Bad grades are not enough to throw a curse. You didn’t do the work. Someone bad mouthing you is not enough to throw a curse. What did you say or do to them? And it may be as little as ignoring someone instead of acknowledging them or nasty face on your part. You caused it by your behaviour and you and only you are responsible for that.

Too many times we do not always have the maturity to see where we are the cause of other people’s actions towards us and part of being a witch is having the maturity and the honesty to truly look at what we are responsible for causing. We have a responsibility to be kind and not bad mouth someone even if you think they will never hear what you said. We have a responsibility to be inclusive and not act like one of the “mean girls”. It can be as subtle as a look on your face. People know and read body language. They know if you give them a look like you are better than them or that you think they are beneath you.

That being said, I still only ever use two spells and not very often and even less as I get older. One is putting someone in the freezer to stop their actions but remember stopping someone’s actions can mean they can’t always behave better, remember? You froze them.

And two, the mirror or Christmas ball spell to make someone’s actions reflect back on them. If they do good, good is accelerated and if they do something bad then they get whomped, however you may never see the whomp. You can’t sit and wait in anticipation of them getting hurt. That would be wrong and a really immature but human attitude.

So just because someone made you mad or cut you off in traffic do you really want to go out of your way to throw that curse? If you do then I suggest you have some growing up to do before you throw it.