Archive | February 7, 2013

May I walk in spring beauty

As I walk in the newly arrived springtime in a fall of white petals.

Blossoms that arrive and leave and are replaced with new green leaves.

May I enjoy the ephemeral and fleeting blessings of the first blossoming trees.

May I walk in the beauty of the soft air on my face.

The fall of petals like a warm snow

The first glimpses of the daffodil bulbs green shoots

The buds on the citrus trees beginning to bud and open

The sun’s earlier return each day

The dissipating of the light fog of the morning as it rises from the ground

The promise of quick spring rains

The first unfurling of new leaves.

May I walk in this beauty from the early morning

And through the day and all through this night.

May I walk in beauty.