Why the 12 months of Goddess Art project?

I started this 12 months of Goddess Art project because I’m not doing enough physical art. Writing is easy to do anywhere but 2 D and 3 D art takes a different kind of creativity and I haven’t been in contact with that side. I have had a problem in the past with being able to do more than one kind of creative thing at a time. If I’m actively writing and storytelling then writing music or making jewelry or drawing or other art forms becomes really difficult and I’m finding it annoying. I feel like I want to be able to access all of my creativity at once and I have no idea where the block is coming from.

Why does it entail such an almost physical feeling of changing gears? Why isn’t creativity, creativity? Why does it feel like it comes from different places? Are there different Muses for different arts? Designing a piece of hand art such as the puppets which involves designing a pattern and being able to change it on the fly, then decide the order it goes together and creating the embroidery patterns and executing them feels very different from writing a BunniHoTep story and that is different again from smithing something out of metal. I suppose the physical pieces start with an idea of how it should look when I’m finished and there is great satisfaction in the process of seeing it go from an idea to pattern to actual creation to the finished piece especially if it comes out how you envisioned it. Writing my stories is different in that I know where they start but I really have no idea how the story will end when I start. The magic is in letting myself relax enough to access the characters telling me the story. I’m just as engaged in finding out how the story will end as the people eventually reading them.

But do the ideas come from the same place? Is there any way to know? It’s just been a month or so that I started making jewelry again when I made some for Yule and an ordination gift. I hadn’t made anything in a few years, now I seem to be itching to create in that medium and in the hand worked items. Is it because the physical is more like play and the storytelling comes from the older part of my brain? Or just one that is open to different things. I know the idea from where a story starts is often from sleep and the physical is more often a waking idea. Does it even matter?

So I’m doing this for me and because most of the pagans have Muses bugging them to create and want to show what they create. This is going to be fun.