I have an idea for another post for the Feminism and Religion blog if they want me to do another ( Assuming they don’t hunt me down since I say things like humans created deity to fill a need not the other way around. 

Anyway, I’m thinking of doing something on Feminism/Pagans and Prayer. I know a lot of Christians don’t think we pray and it’s something women aren’t allowed to do in a lot of churches and it’s something as pagans women take for granted. We just get up and do it.

I just hope it doesn’t get too long.


4 thoughts on “Cogitating

  1. Lol,..whats funny (in a sad way) is that I’ve met Pagans who think prayer is just an (albeit, outmoded) Christian thing too.


  2. Oh, do it! I know my family has the wrong idea when I tell them I am going to pray for them. But you know, healing energy and positive thoughts — A form of prayer! Hope you are well! I am beginning to come out of my long hibernation. *HUGS*


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