12 months of Goddess Art

Okay…. Anyone can join the fun.

All you have to do is make one piece of art centered on the Goddess or any particular goddess and link back here so we can travel to see your wonderful creation.

You do need to leave a comment to see that you are participating.

It can be a piece of jewelry, a drawing, a painting, a collage, embroidery, a doll, anything 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional that represents the Goddess.

And since I’m just as time crunched as I’m sure everyone else is the only time limit is that you try to do it every 30 days. You can set your own schedule, such as full or new moon or when you finish and want to share.

Hope you have fun because there is no point in doing it if it causes stress.

Blessings! Beannacht leibh!


9 thoughts on “12 months of Goddess Art

  1. Yes! I’m going to participate in your challenge… I’ve also posted a note to a few fellow artists who might be interested. 2witchesinabox.wordpress.com


  2. Bonks head.. I was about to ask you for a pic for the link but I see it now 🙂 Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed.


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