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12 months of Goddess Art

Okay…. Anyone can join the fun.

All you have to do is make one piece of art centered on the Goddess or any particular goddess and link back here so we can travel to see your wonderful creation.

You do need to leave a comment to see that you are participating.

It can be a piece of jewelry, a drawing, a painting, a collage, embroidery, a doll, anything 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional that represents the Goddess.

And since I’m just as time crunched as I’m sure everyone else is the only time limit is that you try to do it every 30 days. You can set your own schedule, such as full or new moon or when you finish and want to share.

Hope you have fun because there is no point in doing it if it causes stress.

Blessings! Beannacht leibh!

Our Brighid ritual

We had our Brighid ritual yesterday. It was the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Temple, we think. There were meetings before the official beginning so there has been some discussion about what exactly is the beginning but we celebrated yesterday. It felt wonderful and I must have not grounded enough afterwards because I blew four different street lights on the way home. I haven’t blown that many since I blew an entire street coming out the ritual at Harvest Moon Celebration one year for which I could hear my partner and a friend yelling at me from the car behind when it happened. I usually only blow one or maybe two.

T had found a lot of pictures of our history while the Temple was being cleaned while the Heiromum has been in the hospital. The Temple looked beautiful with fresh paint and you could see all the goddess statues that had been hidden before. It was fun to see the old pictures. I seemed to have showed up in a period where no one was taking pictures because I think I started participating actively in 1998 or 99? It was fun to see people when they were a lot younger and when the hair wasn’t grey as some of us are now.

We had a fun time making Brighid’s crosses to charge during ritual. They ended up being two different styles because the first style was difficult for some. P was an excellent teacher and I dug out my Arts and & Crafts Director hat to teach an easier way to do for the craft challenged. Everybody learns differently and some people do better reading directions instead of being shown. I have to read directions and then play with it until I get it. I had watched a bunch Youtube videos to refresh my brain so I could figure out how to embroider it on Brighid’s dress. I think that was one of the more difficult pieces of embroidery I have ever done because to engineer it I was working with one thread and not two straws at a time. The flames were easy and I freehand embroidered them as well as embroidering the edge of her mantle. I am very pleased with how she turned out. Next will either be Isis or Quan Yin.

When I first used to make handpuppets I made them totally of felt. I used to make them just because I felt like it. I remember one particularly large sunflower but I hadn’t made any in over 20 years before I made the Lady Olivia puppet for the Heirophant ordination a few years ago when I was asked to read the FOI Manifesto. So this was a lot of fun. This time I scoured the quilt dept for squares to make the perfect dress and mantle. Isis should be easier if I can find a plain crème or white pieces suitable for pleating. Quan yin will be more difficult but if I do Hecate I can start with basic black or a black on black print if it suits her. I think if I ever do the Green Man it will take a while because it will have an awful lot of embroider along with (maybe) silk flowers and leaves. The mind is churning. I always have trouble doing the eyes to my satisfaction so I was a bit surprised to find the eyes coming out to look like the ones in the Book of Kells. Never underestimate the power of the subconscious designer.

We did have a lot of fun at craft time which followed a wonderful late lunch or early dinner. Ritual was freeform but included the calling the goddess that were present at the founding of the Temple of Isis Pelagia, Isis, Nepthys, Aphrodite, Yemaya, Mari, Brighid. Charging our Crois Brigde with our intentions for the year and lighting our Brighid candles from the one from Kildare and sending lots of healing and comfort to the Heiromum in her hospital bed. We always read Lunea Weatherstone’s version of the Genealogy of Brighid and P wanted me to read my hymn to Brighid I so I did that for my invocation.

We sent a lot of healing out for the Heiromum. I went to visit her after the ritual and she said she felt it. We missed her so much and the Temple is already and sparkling for her return. I took BunniHoTep with me and I never leave her anywhere and for the first time she clouded my mind so she could spend a few nights in the Temple. I think she is doing some blessing herself for the Heiromum.

12 months of Goddess art

I’m thinking of starting my own blog project where I commit to producing at least one piece of Goddess themed art a month.

It could be anything, an altar, piece of jewelry, painting, a handpuppet or other piece of embroidery or handwork.

What do you think?