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Six of Arrows

Travelling or movement toward new possibilities or cycles, possibly within yourself. Possibly an anxious or testing time, but harnessing positive energies will add momentum.

You have turned your back on one phase of your life, and head towards a homecoming of the soul. Travel. Moving home. An emotional retreat.

Afternoon Session

  • Sabina Magliocco: The Rise of Pagan Fundamentalism 

: Session Three


  • Alfred Surenyan: New Directions in Pagan Music
  • Elizabeth Malamed: From Pentacles to Stars: Adapting Pagan Practices for Broader Use
  • Jeffrey Albaugh: As Above, So Below: Pagan Theology, Polytheistic Psychology, and Pagan Praxis 


 Session Four. Panel: Community Engagement through the Lens of a Pagan-Buddhist Perspective 

  • Francesca Howell: Sense of Place and Community: An International Pagan Perspective
  • Ann Parker: Environmental Leaders: The Role of Contemplative and Pagan Practices and Perspectives in Leading From the Heart
  • Lauren Raine: Numina: Sacred Places and Pagan Pilgrimage
  • Marie Cartier: Stories from the Yoga Mat

 Yoga with Marie Cartier

Pagan Studies conference

Up this morning

Katheryn Le Fevers Evans – Leadership in Depth & Archetypal Psychology : Indigenous Vision Quest– This is a Medicine Wheel presentation

Joseph Merlin Nichter – The Ink Blot Tarot: A Querent’s Journey of Self Discovery

Kenneth Christensen – Runic Academy: Transmutation of the Dark Night of the Soul into a Creative Process

Joan DeArtemis – Help! There’s a Pagan in my Christian College

2nd Session

Joseph Futerman, Elizabeth Rose MSW and Charlotte Turvey – Building Pagan Community Organization: Avoidance, Engagement and Adaptation

Kimberly Kiner – Fear, Minority Stress and the Journey Toward Healing

Moderator – Jeffrey Albaugh, Kim Kiner, Joseph Futerman, Elizabeth Rose, Charlotte Turvey, – Panel Discussion: Putting Descartes Before the Horse: Pagan Identities and Challenges to Serving the Pagan Body Politic