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I ‘m thinking of adding my lemon and lilac oil to it

A Green(ish) Life

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been buying Suave-brand deodorant, for no other reason than that it’s the cheapest (bottom-shelf shopper!). But over the past year or so I’d been feeling like it wasn’t, ahem, working for me anymore. And since I’ve been slowly switching to all organic/green products in my life over the past few years, I felt it would be a good time to try not starting my day by rubbing cancer-causing aluminum all over my pits!

First, I tried a deodorant made by Tom’s of Maine. I’m easily overwhelmed by smells – I don’t wear perfume and pick very mild scents in the products I buy – so I went with the original unscented version (I did have a little chuckle in the store over the patchouli scented version  – HIPPIES!). While I’m not a huge fan of how Tom’s toothpaste tastes, I thought…

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I don’t own a single book of spells. I have books with a few spells in them but they are not spell books. My first HP said to always write your own so I have always done that. She taught us two spells to use only when you couldn’t think of anything else to do and they are the only spells I ever use that belong to some one else.

One is a freezer spell. You literally put the person or their name rather into the freezer after writing out what you need. This is to make them stop what they are doing. She had the CHP in the freezer and a car she couldn’t afford to register at the time and she never got a ticket until there was a power failure.

I know I put an old boss in the freezer after he was sexually harassing me and other women at the job and cheating on his wife with a vendor. The first time I took him out after I left the job he showed up to interview for a management position there. I went to the supervisor that was interviewing him and told him about his behaviour around women and he didn’t get the job and he went back in the freezer. I left and went to a different job and the same thing happened so he lives in my freezer permanently.

The other spell is the mirror spell or the Christmas ball. You put them in the ball sealed with wax and then all their actions good and bad reflect back on them. Sort of accelerated three fold law. I often place myself in one at the same time just in case it’s me being stupid. I haven’t had to use this in a long time.

She also said that all spells should have the caveat – for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

Every other spell I write for the occasion or make it up on the fly. But I tend to error on the side of caution when using the above spells. I know they work but sometimes they work too well.

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Waters of Life
Ace of Cups

The waters of life retain the ancient wisdom ready for reawakening. The moonlit pool of the universal soul retains all memory, ready to renew the inspired quest. …one receives new inspiration from ancestral wisdom.

The ice of winter melts with a renewal of inspiration, and one is emotionally awakened. Sensuality returns.

May Isis and Ma’at watch over them.

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Areas where there is political turmoil or fighting are often difficult places for even those in the mainstream of a culture to live in.  It’s even harder for people on the fringe of society as they face confusion, uncertainty, deteriorating living conditions, and daily fear for personal safety.  Those set apart by ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, political views, or religion are the most vulnerable to loss of property or even loss of life.  In Syria and Egypt, two countries currently experiencing political turmoil or civil war, one by one Pagan voices have fallen silent.

There are eight Pagans, three in Egypt and five in Syria, that I have regular contact with online.  They had always been cautious about revealing their religion to people within their country and expressed dismay over their isolation, but they were happy to talk online and wanted to know what American Pagans, especially those who practice Mesopotamian or Kemetic religions…

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