I have an enormous to-be-read shelf so to give myself the goad into actually reading more stuff of substance I’m going to put whatever book I’m currently trying to make my through here on the blog. My biggest problem is the fact that I get distracted by the “ooh shinies” of the book world like cozy mysteries and sci-fi and fantasy. Some of which are pagan but still I really have a to-be-read bookcase not a shelf. Probably over a 100 books to be truthful.

If you ever want to see what is really in my library you can access me on Library thing.

But for now, I’m starting; “Tree Wisdom – The definitive guide book to the myth, folklore and healing power of trees by Jacqueline Memory Paterson.


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  1. I did that last year with the reading challenge. I decided I wasn’t going to count my fantasy and urban fantasy books and got down to some non fiction reading. It was nice to get back to it after awhile away… Enjoy!


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