Long overdue post

I’ve been in a funk from all the Christmas crap and the only access to the internet being my phone and Starbucks if I can get there, I have been remiss in not sharing this good news.

Thank you so much for brightening up my days.

Thanks Witchchic AKA Heidi!

You can find her here! http://witchchic.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/blog-of-the-year-2012/

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There are so many great blogs but the one I look forward to every day is Poppy’s http://bookofshadowsandblessings.wordpress.com/ She always makes me smile and I love how she talks about her “Little”. And I love the way she has done her BOS/DOS.

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And Sammiwitch nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much!

Visit her here: The Life and Times of a Forever Witch: http://thelifeandtimesofaforeverwitch.wordpress.com

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I nominate :

1. Belle DiMonte http://belledimonte.wordpress.com

2. Magikos Musings Http://magikosmusings.wordpress.com

3. Witching Wild Wood: http://witchingwildwood.wordpress.com

4. Pagan Devotionals : http://lectiodivinapaganus.wordpress.com

5. Searching for Brigid: http://searchingforbrigid.wordpress.com

6. Lady Imbrium’s Holocron: http://ladyimbriumsholocron.wordpress.com

7. Asylyn’s Corner: http://ayslynscorner.wordpress.com

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7 things about me?

1. I have a size 7 foot and a size 9 foot. Not too exciting unless you want to wear pumps which I don’t.

2. I can’t ride a bike.

3. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 26 and when I did I had to keep it a secret that I hadn’t been licensed. Someday I’ll write about why.

4. I’ve worked at 6 different kids camps.

5. I can sing Silent Night in 6 languages.

6. I’m falling down on my book challenge. I thought I could read 125 books this year and I’ve only made it to 93.Last year I was over 150. Sigh…

8. I love tea and hate coffee.

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Thank You, Thank you, Thank You! Heather – Ramblings of a Hedgewitch

“The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The word ” Liebster” comes from German and can mean the sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, most beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.”


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11 Random Facts about me

1) I love to bake.

2) I have a very goofy Maine Coon Cat

3) I have a tattoo on each shoulder and am contemplating more.

4) I’m a double Gemini with 5 planets in Cancer and a grand water trine. And Earth is my element I find the most pleasing.

5) I play way too many instruments and need to practice more.

6) I like to design embroidery patterns in my copious spare time between midnight and 6 am when I’m not doing something else

7) My favourite form of art work to do is pen & ink and Chinese water colour

8) I eat salted nuts on my cereal and not milk or fruit

9) My college graduation present from my parents was a month in the UK by myself

10) I miss backpacking and horseback riding

11) The best places I’ve ever worked were camps.

The questions I have to answer

1) Why did you start writing a blog?

I started on livejournal in 2005 because my brother asked me to when he was dying of brain cancer and he wanted me to share my stories and follow his journey. It’s the biggest, most important gift he ever gave me. He wanted me to have a grief support group if the worst happened and it did and I cherish every friend it has brought me and some I’ve even gotten to meet in person.

2) What is your favorite work of fiction?

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy & MZB’s Darkover novels

3) How would you describe your personal philosophy/spiritual path?

Wiccan/Druid/Family tradition – hard polytheistic, Panentheistic, nature junky, mostly Celtic but others deities have made their presence and desires known

4) What has impressed you lately? The heroism of the staff of Shady Hook

5) What has depressed you lately? Not being able to spend Christmas with my aunt and cousins and Shady Hook

6) What advice would you give your younger self if you could go back in time ten years?

10 years? Not much 10 years ago but 30 or 40? Come out, damn it and stop dithering around about whether you are gay or not

7) What are your vices? Tea, reading, sick sense of humour

8) What would you like to achieve in 2013? Finish the 3 books I have started and finish illustrating them. Meet some new characters to write about

9) Describe your personal style. Comfortable. I refuse to wear anything that irritates or itches or binds. I tend to wear, black, green, blue, purple, red and teal and not much else.

10) What is your favorite city? Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Edinburgh. What? I’m a double Gemini, picking one of anything ain’t gonna happen.

11) Name something that always makes you smile. My kitty, Liathfaol.

I nominate:

1. The Life and Times of a Forever Witch: http://thelifeandtimesofaforeverwitch.wordpress.com

2. The Ditsy Druid: Http://ditsydruid.wordpress.com

3. Cinnageek: http://cinnageek.wordpress.com

4. The Purple Broom: http://thepurplebroom.wordpress.com

5. The Witch of Howling Creek: http://witchofhowlingcreek.wordpress.com

6. Fieldstones: http://fieldstones.wordpress.com

7. The Chaos Witch: http://chaoswitchcraft.wordpress.com

8. Don’t Panic: http://insolenceandimpertinence.wordpress.com

9. Intended for Use: http://intendedforuse.wordpress.com

10.Saymber: http://saymberblondi.wordpress.com

11.Witchcraft and Me http://witchchic.wordpress.com

There are so many wonderful blogs I apologize if I have forgotten any one because I know I have.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me in the category you did my dear. Your posts make me laugh and smile too! Your link to the Brutally Honest Trailers is STILL resonating with me, my husband and bro-in-law! We are always quoting stuff from them. You always find something to tickly my funny bone. Don’t feel alone about the holiday funk….wrote about mine today. The clouds just have been slow to lift! Hang in there — big hug from me and my furry kids to you and yours. It’s going to get better!


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