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Chants for solstice

A Chant I wrote eons ago for our coven’s solstice

Short Day

Long night

Who will bring the sun’s light?

We will bring the sun’s light.

To tune of the round Father, I Adore you

Prayer for Solstice Day

As I walk surrounded by the chill air of December, may I feel cleansed and renewed.

May I be blessed as I walk in the clear clean light of Solstice morning

May I feel ready for new challenges as the year changes to the light from the dark.

I ask that nine signs of winter solstice protect and guide my way

Chill of wind awaken me

Morning light excite me

Honk of Canadian geese overhead inspire me

Warmth of friends bless me

Sharing of food nourish me

Love of family bless me and all who I hold dear

Sounds of singing sooth me

Long cozy nights refresh me

Candle flames enthrall me

May I be inspired to create for the enjoyment of those I love

Every day and every night

From nightfall through the breaking of dawn and all the day.

I’m a source of amusement to my co-workers

They think I’m a loon today. They keep switching from heat to AC in the building and when it switches I start sneezing until the temp or my body reaches equilibrium. This leads to sometimes 15 sneezes in a row. And it’s annoying as hell.

It’s even more annoying to know that when I go outside to get lunch it will start all over again if the temp is slow or the light is too bright. I’m not allergic to anything airborne except night-stinking jasmine so trying to explain to my co-workers that I am not sick just allergic to the temperature change makes me look like a nutjob. Luckily, sneezing is not controllable unless you have a fondness for snuff and I don’t. They’ve given up saying, “bless you”.

You think they would have gotten used to it over the summer when the AC kicked on over my desk but it seems to be a source of amusement like my random hiccups.