A meditation on the dark and light times at Solstice

At Winter Solstice we straddle the worlds of light and dark. The wheel turns ever on and we embrace stepping into the Light as it returns to the Earth. We still have a period where we will not see that the sun has returned for a few more weeks but it has. One minute more per day until we slow humans can slowly perceive that the wheel has indeed, turned to the light. The dark time for this year is passed and we turn our faces to the returning sun.

The dark is always part of us and we return there each year to meditate, to contemplate, to create new life and dreams. We go to the dark to tell our stories if only to ourselves. The dark is that part of ourselves that is not readily known. It is not evil or bad because if it were we would be evil or bad and we are not unless we choose to do evil acts. It is just that which is not known about ourselves and others and so we fear it unnecessarily for we return here each night to refresh ourselves in the new day. Use the dark time of the year to refresh your soul. You were born in the dark and you will return to the dark. You cannot escape the dark any more that you can escape the light. It is what is and it will always be so.

But now at Solstice step forward into the new born light. Breathe in the light. Let it light the corners of your soul that have been dark and cold and warm them in the new sunlight. Listen to the world awake. Spring will be coming soon. What have you birthed in the dark that needs to grow in the light? What seed did you plant in the dark that has been waiting in the dark ground to grow? What do you bring into the Light from your refreshment in the dark?

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