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Yuletide Blogging Festival – Pecan Cookies


Pecan Cookies

½ pound of butter
2 cups of flour, sifted
1 Teaspoon of vanilla
3 heaping kitchen tablespoons of powdered sugar
1 cup chopped pecans

Additional powdered sugar for rolling

Cover cookie sheets with foil or grease lightly
Mix thoroughly all ingredients except the nuts with electric mixer
Add pecans and shape into teaspoon size ovals
Bake at 325 degrees for 25 minutes or until set

Do not over bake! They should not be brown!

Roll in powdered sugar immediately when removed from oven. (And some if you wonder where I got my asbestos hands?)

Roll again when cool

Makes 3-5 dozen

Mom got this from her first voice teacher and you can use Chocolate chips instead of pecans.
When she packed them in the cookie tins she packed them in more powdered sugar under and between the layers.

Missing my daddy

I love singing Christmas carols. It’s one of the things I take joy in leading at our Solstice ritual. Some years it‘s the only time I get to do it besides when driving in my car.

I’m not so fond of the more modern Christmas songs. I find the majority of them rather obnoxious and just another opportunity for someone like Maria Carey to scream out another song instead of actually singing it. I make an exception for Josh Groban, James Taylor or Michael Buble who actually sing but most Christmas songs are dead boring and have no meaning.

There is one that dissolve me into a puddle in about a second, my dad’s favourite, “I’ll be home for Christmas.” It was one of the few songs he would sing out loud. Most of the time my mom would shut him down and tell him he couldn’t sing. He could, just not up to her standards for the rest of the family but he would sing this one or make us be quiet if the Bing Crosby version was on the radio. It is the one song I will never bastardize for a carol circle at ritual because I just couldn’t lead it. I’d be a big puddle of goo.

Daddy, I wish you were home for Christmas.