The Crank

I apologize for the unscheduled crankiness or at least more cranky than normal posts of late not because I’m sorry I wrote them but I know where this is coming from, it’s partly the job I’m doing at the moment and partly getting emails from Chicken Littles whose opinion I normally respect but who should know better. If some of this has been preaching to the choir, sorry but sometimes I read things that just set me off and now well into my cronehood I can’t physically adminster a Gibbs slap to the head to all the Tony DeNozo’s of the world so I have to settle for a verbal one. (And I must have watched one too many NCISs.)

The other part is my job. I solve broker commission problems. Most of the time I love troubleshooting  people’s problems. Sometimes we have made a mistake and I’m glad to fix it but this time of year is when people apply for their this year’s Medicare policy so we have a lot of work and this I don’t mind. What I mind is the stupids who write me letters in caps about how stupid we are and when I look at the applications they have A) not bothered to fill the broker section out. B) Filled it out under a different name than they were contracted under and use a messy signature and no tax id. C) Put their license number and not their Tax ID, D) only sign their name like it’s a flaming autograph, (really? I’m supposed to know that says Joe Smith, it’s a messy line) E) They aren’t contracted in this state F) They didn’t bother with certification and they still want to get paid?

But it’s my fault you aren’t getting paid? And I’m sorry but the NY brokers are the rudest letter writers. They start on the offense. I love the people in GA, they apologize when it is our fault and I bend over backward to fix the problem. California and Colorado brokers are somewhere in between and the WI people are Minnesota nice most of the time.

I admit we do screw up. It is why I have a job after all but please, brokers do your part before you start verbally abusing me? You don’t even know who is at fault yet.