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Yuletide Blogging Festival – Mulled Grape Juice


Mulled grape juice-
For those that need a non-alcoholic alternative

Mulled Grape Juice

2 quarts water
2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp whole cloves
1 inch stick of cinnamon
2 lemons sliced
1 qt grape juice

Combine sugar. water, lemon and spices

Boil until mixture is fully flavoured Add grape juice and simmer for 5 minutes
Strain; serve hot or chilled
Makes 3 qts

Yuletide Blogging Festival – Pagan Carol – Ye Children All of Mother Earth


Ye children all of Mother Earth ( It came upon a midnight clear)

Ye children all of Mother Earth Join hands and circle around.
To celebrate the Solstice night When our lost Sun is found.

Rejoice! The year has begun again. The Sun blesses skies above.
So share the season together now In everlasting love.