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Having a cranky morning about pagans and science

I guess a lot of pagans/wiccans etc would find my coven a trifle odd. Number 1, we’ve been together a very long time, officially since 1986 but we were a study group way before that. Number 2, is that on the Myers-Briggs Scale most of us test out as INTJ or at least we did in the beginning. And Number 3, we all have degrees in scientific disciplines from BS all the way through Ph.d. I rank the lowest with just a degree as a Naturalist. I’m the only one active in the outside pagan community, and most of the rest are happier in the gay civil rights movement for their spare time, such as it is.

We used to be more active and gave a number of public rituals and workshops when we were younger at various festivals but I think the others got tired of dealing with the ignorance the average pagan has when it comes to science and we have heard some whoppers over the years. I know I have.

We cover virtually the entire spectrum, 2 seismologists, a chemist, a immunologist/biologist, an economist and a naturalist. So we can refute a lot of dumb beliefs pagans sometimes hold but that gets really old.

Some people reading this have now got their panties in a twist because they don’t think they are scientifically and historically illiterate but keep in mind I may not be speaking about you.

Some examples? The Dianic who informed me she hated Alexander the Great because he killed Hypatia and burned the library of Alexandria and lost all the great goddess literature. Really? What part of it’s called Alexandria did you not get?

People that think all herbs are good because they are natural. Did I mention I have 6 minors? Two are in Botany and Horticulture so I think I know a bit plus I’ve studied herbalism in depth. ALL HERBS ARE NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Socrates drank an all natural herbal beverage and it killed him. Herbs = drugs whether you think of them that way or not. Doesn’t matter whether it’s cannabis sativa, Coffee, or camellia sinensis AKA black or green tea or chamomile. It is a drug, period.

People who think all medical research is bad. There are very few people on this planet that would be here without medical research. Vaccines like polio, small pox, and measles which used to kill or maim thousands of children every year are no longer even on most parent’s radar for a reason. Some one cared enough to do the research to find out how to eradicate them. In most of our lifetimes AIDS/HIV has gone from a certain killer with no hope to something that if you get tested can be at least controlled. I remember when there was no test, let alone the first drug, AZT.

I can remember being in a circle where they started yelling as part of time to get rid of negativity, “Death to the Scientists!” A really scary moment in circle still for me.

A lot of pagans look down their noses at the ones they label “fluffy bunnies” and feel themselves so superior because they are the serious pagans but then they promote illiterate scientific nonsense that could be debunked at the very least by going to, those of us who aren’t think you are just as much an airhead idiot as any fluffy bunny.

And for the record even magic is subject to physical laws and Newton’s laws. Physics is magic. If you don’t believe me, read some string theory.

Advice? If you want a good crash course in the world of science read: The Science of Discworld I, II & III by Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen.

Getting off soapbox now.