Archive | November 27, 2012

Meh kind of day

In 1996 a nice lady decided to help me roll my car across an intersection in Pasadena. In the process of rolling my car my skull separated from the base it sits on and came back down on a nerve. Ever since then I’ve had some monster headaches at the base of my skull. I ran out of my meds a few weeks ago and I’m getting them back tonight which means tonight is going to be a whopper of a dream night even if I don’t remember them.

I’m a very visual high technicolour dreamer already and these meds seem to enhance that ability. This should be interesting. Of course, I’ve been off them long enough they may give me insomnia for a few nights instead. That drove my neurologist crazy at first before it stopped. Most people it cures insomnia but if you are even slightly hyperactive it will act the opposite of a sedative. I’m hoping I sleep.


This could also get interesting depending on how much benedryl is still in my system. I’ve been having to take it almost every day since the oat disaster a month ago. I’ve been getting random violent itching ever since that mess and it is the only thing that seems to stop the itch so I don’t claw my skin off my legs and top of my feet that and if I’m at home some aloe vera lotion.


It’s one of those days other than being fascinated by the ways sun was hitting the leaves that have finally decided to change colour this morning not feeling terribly spiritual. Been saying the Knot of Isis and singing the Brighid chant for the Heiromum and that’s about it while working on some boring stuff at work. I’m sad because I have friends that are sick and there isn’t a damn thing I can do sitting here except send energy. Meh…