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We all know the story of President George. W. Bush implementing measures in 2001 which essentially ended U.S. Stem Cell research and put American medical science a decade behind the rest of the world for no other reason than his religion got in the way of the public good. Alone this is a standout example of why this thing called New Atheism (a vocal, rational rebuttal to unjustified religious interference in secular societies) exists, but there is a better, much lesser known Bush story which paints an even clearer picture, and to get there we must first go through this unlikely chap:

Meet Elwood P. Dowd; a softly spoken, gently mannered, entirely likeable man who had – he said – an invisible six-foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall rabbit friend named, Harvey. Granted, it’s an odd admission for a grown man but in forty-seven year old Elwood’s defence Harvey was in fact a Púca…

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Out of luck!

We have our cafeteria re-opening on Monday with a new catering company since the last one was fired after the health dept shut it down for having cockroaches and rats. Sounds like a good thing?

It won’t be for me. Their website says they only have healthy options. And I went to the website to look at the menu and the sandwiches all seem to have 12-grain and multi-grain bread – translation + they have oats or oat bran in them. So I have just been excluded from ever having a meal there just in case there are oats involved. Wonder how that makes the celiac people feel?

I hate when other allegedly knowledgeable people decide what is healthy for other people when if you have allergies it’s not healthy for you at all. Almost as bad when the meals at camp were things like peaches for the fruit and spice bread for dessert which was made with the extra oatmeal from breakfast and spaghetti for dinner (tomatoes). This meant I was having a peanut butter sandwich and if I was lucky something else from my stash. I learned early on to have peanut butter, crackers and cheese hidden away for meals like that.

So I guess I’m stuck with Micky D’s, Quiznos and the convenience store, damn! I can’t eat at P.F. Chang’s because all dark soy has naturally occurring msg in it. Just about everything at Baja Bud’s has tomato in it or other toxic substances and Robin’s isn’t in the budget at all. This sucks!