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I hate being allergic

I never knew I was allergic to anything until I was around 21 and within weeks I started reacting to everything I ate and had no clue why. Up until then I had loved oatmeal cookies and lots of things with oats. I drank massive quantities of apricot juice, Strawberries and strawberry jam was number one. I loved pistachios, almonds & cashews.

Within a couple of days I could eat nothing. I was down to milk and Ovaltine and crackers. It was the only thing I didn’t react to. When I went to the doctor he said it was because my age was a multiple of 7. Every 7 years you have a completely new set of cells and mine were on strike. It wasn’t until mom got the baby book out that we saw a pattern. Almost every thing I had been allergic to as a baby I was now reacting to. I didn’t even know I’d been allergic to anything as a baby except baby powder. I knew that until I was 2 they thought I had some form of chronic bronchitis when somehow they figured out it was baby powder. They stopped using talc I stopped coughing but by then the damage had been done and I can’t take sulfa drugs now because of overexposure.

They sent me to a top allergist over at UCLA who filled me full of holes and the only thing I reacted to was histamine. And he said I had dermatography after writing on me with the wrong end of his Bic pen. Wild to see the hives pop up when someone writes on your arm. But he said food allergies often don’t react to scratch tests. It took him 400 holes in my back to say that? Anyway, he gave me my first Epi pen and said be careful.

And since by then I had fallen prey to the dust of a Cheerio in some Chex party mix and gone into anaphalaxis I knew I had to be aware. People always think I’m nuts if I have to go into a “healthy” restaurant like “Good Earth” but they are one of the ones that could kill me with oatbran in everything so I have to interrogate the waitress to see if I can eat.

Some things I have grown out of like cashews and pistachios, others seem to have spread. I can’t eat any thing with a pit. Almonds and apricots became peaches and plums and anything in that family. Which makes sense botanically since an almond and a peach tree can only be told apart by the bottom of their leaves.

I was wondering for awhile if I could go back to eating oats and I guess the answer to that would be a big resounding “NO”. And I’m not feeling the need to try anything else that causes trouble like tomatoes either after that last thing. Hives everywhere is not any fun. I was taking 6 Benedryl at a time just to stop feeling like I was on fire and I still have to take 2 once a day if I start itching and I haven’t even eaten anything that I know of my system is just really sensitive but I’m getting sick of soup and crackers and baked potatoes.

I’m not allergic to pollen except jasmine. I could stand in a field of ragweed all day. Sleep on a feather pillow. Walk through grass barefoot or even poison oak and nada but try to eat, Yow! It’s quite literally a pain.

Mystery Solved – I think

I think I solved the mystery of my mysterious severe illness and systemic reaction. It was an idiot teenager at Burger King. I went for my payday Breakfast treat. It’s the only time I ever eat at Burger King but I have an addiction to their French Toast sticks. When I went in this Friday morning for my fix there was a kid at the window fixing oatmeal for someone. He was dancing around and flinging the stuff as he stirred it and then he threw the spoon he had used at the counter and went and got my breakfast. I freaked out and reamed him a new one.

It WAS OATS! And this asshat did to me. He looked totally mystified when I explained he had almost killed me. One of my coven sisters had nicely pointed out that because I was so sick I probably had had hives on my internal organs too. Nothing like being totally terrified after the fact and that I probably should have gone to the ER to get a shot of epinephrine. And it explains why my system still is having problems with food. I’m still nauseated almost every time I eat. NOT FUN! All because of a careless teenager on the morning shift.

I very carefully explained to the bonehead that for people with severe allergies even being close to the severe allergen can be enough to set off a violent reaction and in a word I had one and that he had made me very, very sick. He was extremely shocked and I think I freaked him out , at least I hope so and that he’ll be more careful in the future. Geez, if I had died no one would have had a clue why.

At least now I know I am still allergic to oats and how I got exposed. And that it wasn’t bad fish. At least this time I didn’t have trouble breathing too.

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ImageWe have turned a corner on the question of same sex marriage.  In this last year more states have extended basic civil rights to LGBT Americans, including California, thanks to a landmark SCOTUS decision, and the trend is not likely to stop.  That is very good news.

It is time, therefore for us to have a serious talk.  Because we as a community have made strides in regard to marriage, does not mean that you necessarily need to take similar actions in your personal life.  You do not need to run off to Maine with your wonderful boyfriend or girl friend in order to make a political statement.

For the same reason, that the anti-gay and hatred communities are wrong to hold marriage back as some symbolic gesture to marriage structures of the past, pro-gay people cannot rush into it as a new symbol of political gains of the present. …

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