Archive | November 12, 2012

The Open Window

When we had the gas man out to light the pilots I thought, stupid me, I’d save him some grief and not make him get on the roof to light the furnace pilot. When I called to make an appt to have it lit at the end of October the first date I could get was the 13th of November. So of course it has been really cold the last two nights. And for those of you who think Californians are wusses, please remember our houses and apts often have no insulation and big plate glass windows which meant my shampoo froze in the bathroom shower window last night.

This is not helped by my need to sleep with the window open. I slept with it closed on Saturday night and woke up with a whopper of a headache. I have to sleep with the window open. When I was a kid and shared my room with my little sister it was a constant battle. She wanted the window closed and I would get up and crank it open. (We had very old crank windows.)

When I started to work at camps and we slept outside I was a happy camper. When I got to Teresita and they had cabins the first thing I did was move my bed outside. This led to things like finding the statue of St Teresa in my bed on a regular basis and people trying to sneak up on me while I slept but at least I was out in the fresh air. So Saturday night when it was really cold in the house I closed the window and the first thing my sister said when I told her I had a headache was, “you closed the window, didn’t you?” Last night I ended up looking like a mummy my sister said because I was wrapped in the comforter, flannel sheets and a few blankets with the window open but I didn’t wake up with a headache.

I have to admit I’ve driven more than a few lovers insane with the need for the open window especially if they were from back east. A was from Wisconsin and would come home and turn the heat up to 80 in the winter and I would come home and turn it down to at least 70. I about died when I visited NYC one Christmas and all the building were sooo hot. I always felt like stripping. B was from Virginia and was almost as bad. What is it with everybody east of Bakersfield and the heat?

I don’t know if it’s partly the Scottish heritage or what but we learned to turn the heat off at night and only use it sparingly if we had to in winter and my sister and I don’t run the AC at night either in the summer. If it’s cold it’s comforting to have lots of covers on the bed at night but I have to admit there is something about knowing you actually could turn the heat on if you wanted to. I will be glad when the gas man comes tomorrow night even if it’s supposed to be 80 tomorrow.