Archive | November 7, 2012

Thoughts on last night’s rising of women

I think the Republican Party currently has blinders toward women even the women in their families. They all have wives, they have mothers, they have daughters and yet they seemed to forget that women have the vote and that when you vote no one sees how you vote. And they forgot women have minds and that they use them and don’t just vote how their men folk tell them they should.

And women voted and spoke and it wasn’t for Republicans that want to redefine something incredibly personal and terrifying to a lot of women because men don’t understand the basic fear every woman knows from the time she first becomes aware that men/boys don’t always mean females well.

Men don’t live with the fear that men will rape them. They don’t know what it’s like to look at a group of men and fear you aren’t going to be safe. Men don’t fear walking in the dark to or from the bus and hoping no one is lurking in the bushes just so they can get to a safe place. But women do and if they don’t fear for themselves they fear for their daughters or their sisters or who ever they know is out at night.

So when men start talking about what a “rape” is or is not, all those fears come rushing forward. All women have known that fear and the fear that if it happens no one will believe them or help them and when they talk about rape being a “gift from God” women know it is most certainly not!

Men don’t seem to factor in that that word is tied up in fear, humiliation, self loathing, hate, and a lot of other emotions and that even if they haven’t been raped they know someone who has been raped.

Maybe there needs to be roving gangs of women with roughened broom handles who wait for old white men in the dark before they get it but I’m afraid women don’t have the temperament for that to ever happen for the same reason most workplace shooters are white men who feel the need to assert their need on others instead of owning up to things being their fault.

I remember being at a frat party when I was in a sorority and some idiot invited me up to his room to see something I thought we were both interested in and I fell for it. We got up to his room and he pushed some button and the door had at least 4 automatic locks that locked. And he proceeded to tell me what he thought he was going to do to me. He was quite astonished when I told him to let me out and said, no that I would enjoy it and to this day I don’t know what I did but I told him that if he did not let me out I would kill him with my bare hands and they would never find his body. Now I weighed about 100 lbs at the time and was 5’8’. He was about 6 feet. I suspect I pulled a glamour of some sort on him because he almost wet himself trying to get that door unlocked fast enough. All I knew that I was terrified and I knew I had just barely escaped whole but I learned a lesson in terror and what some men think they can take if you don’t get aggressive back and what if I hadn’t been able to scare him bad enough to back off?

That I think is why the Republican men lost last night. They think they can take what they want and they don’t want any consequences when they do. Women obviously disagreed all over the country.