Archive | November 2, 2012

last weekend in time for this weekend

Because it’s the beginning of the month the systems are down until Monday always a fun workday. L Not!

Since I probably won’t get to wifi with my computer until tomorrow, I can’t update about the cool new blog award The Witchy Blog Award I received on Samhain but thanks to Ariadne at Cauldron and Brew at I’ll try to get it up tomorrow at least.

I took yesterday off for a holiday and ended up down sick for most of it because I still have marauding things going through my system from whatever caused that systemic attack I had 2 weekends ago. Had a nice quiet night with the coven. I was late and missed the 300 trick of treaters, shucky darn.

Sometimes that’s fun but I wasn’t in the mood. The covenstead is in a neighborhood that they often bus kids to which I don’t think is quite fair to the homeowners but it happens. So you can’t start anything before the door stops getting pounded on. Some years we have sat on the porch dressed as witches and judged the costumes and given the kids a hard time if they look old enough to take it and having fun greeting the littles who are so darned cute.

Last weekend we hit the Farm store again and got more corn from the cornfield I pass every day on the bus. I saw it at dawn on Wednesday and it was a beautiful sight with the dawn light hitting it. 75¢ an ear for fresh picked corn is just right. We also got potatoes 5 for $2.50 in a bag. We got there so early there was still dew on the pumpkins in the patch and the sun was about made the colours just glow. And yes I’m in love with the farm store.

We went to our first Fresh and Easy and fell in love there too. They had built some but none really close until 2 new ones opened up. We got a lot of things we only usually see at the Highland Games. For those that don’t know Tesco’s from the UK is now in the US as Fresh and Easy. I saw that they had Branston and Marmite and Aero bars now if I could get them to carry Nestle’ Smarties and Malteasers my sister and I would be in heaven. It always cracks me up to see the Heinz products that aren’t sold here but are across the pond like Heinz Chili sauce. We came home with lots of nuts and some honey. I have a weakness for Orange Blossom Honey and it can get really expensive but it wasn’t there. (If you grew up in the 50’s and 60’s in LA orange blossom was the predominant honey flavour and it’s the one I associate with honey). We got other goodies to so I think we will try the full size Fresh and Easy and not the Express next time. You know you are in a British store when wassail is on sale.