Archive | October 30, 2012

A bit miffed

I’m sorry but I just read a British blog that fried my jets. She blamed the storm on the US’s consumer life style as if the rest of the world and in particular China isn’t trying to upstage us constantly. But blaming our life style for the storm is almost as stupid as when Pat Robertson starts saying it’s god’s punishment for allowing the gay agenda, or abortion or any other thing he doesn’t currently approve of like women.

And since the hole in the ozone layer for the first time has shrunk in the last year and the US has been banning chlorofluoro carbons and it is finally having an effect when a great many nations still haven’t banned them more than a bit disingenuous.

I’m betting the person that wrote that has never even been to the US. Yes, there are some people who are consumerist in life style and a lot of them happen to live in NY but a great part of the US does not. And they would know that if they had ever been here and seen how the majority of people live. A big city is not the US. The US is also flat farming Kansas. It’s North Dakota Bad Lands and prairies. It’s the deserts of the Mohave. It’s the Grand Canyons and deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. It’s the rich farmlands of California where a good share of the US’s food is raised. It’s the Sierra Nevadas and the Rockies and the Cascades and the Grand Tetons and all the people who live around them.

All of Britain would fit inside California with room to spare. Judging the US by NY is as if we judged all British by London. And while I like London I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the UK. There is more room to actually be a druid who lives in a forest or on a mountain or any other wildland including the area around Los Angeles in the US than most British druids can ever dream of.

And a Druid in Oregon has a different wilderness than a Californian or someone near the Great Lakes or in the Appalachians or in the Ozarks. They have different trees and different landscapes and different spirits of place.

I’d say yes, there are a lot of consumerists in the US but there are an awful lot of people who aren’t either because they have no interest or they can’t afford to be. So I’m a bit miffed so to speak. Don’t judge us all by what is publicized on the news. News is news because it’s odd or rare not because it’s the everyday.