If you vote for Romney – You are not my friend

If you vote for Romney, you are not my friend because secretly or not so secretly you think I have no civil rights and further that I don’t deserve them for just being who I am. Romney coming out this week and saying gay people didn’t have the right to visit their partners in the hospital was the last straw for me and I can no longer ignore his ignorance and his evil and yes it is evil to be that bigoted and self righteous especially from a man whose family fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution for polygamy with his 12 wives.

So let me tell you a few stories.

When I had my appendix out in 1986 they would not allow my partner in as my partner. She had to lie. Why should she have had to lie?

When Cam had his first seizure with brain cancer in the ‘80s his long term partner at the time was there and they called my mother for permission to treat. Mom said no and hung up. If they hadn’t decided to let L say yes what would my brother have done? I don’t think he knew my phone by heart and I know L didn’t. What would they have done? Let him die?

An ex of mine had a partner who was an EMT and was killed in an ambulance crash. They not only would not allow B to see her partner when she was dying but because she had no legal standing even though they had bought a house together she lost everything. Her parents came in and took everything they owned and the house because it was in the partner’s name. B was left with nothing but memories and no place to live. Her parents took all the pictures, all her clothes, all their books, everything that had a memory and threw B out of the house they had together. How is that fair?

When I was in a car accident in 1996 my friends saw my overturned car smashed on the sidewalk and had went crying to the hospital. They also had to lie and say they were my sisters. Thank heavens my mother actually accepted them and called them to the nurse “her girls”. My sisters are a very diverse bunch.

When I went into Good Sam for an emergency hysterectomy I went with 2 friends and gave explicit permission at my admission that they were the only ones who could make a decision if something went wrong. I had to specifically prohibit my mother from visiting or having anything to do with me in the hospital because she objected to the surgery. My doctor said afterwards that if I hadn’t had the surgery I would have been dead in 2 weeks because my bladder would have gone necrotic. If I hadn’t been allowed to do that and my mother had been able to stop the surgery I would not be here.

When Cam was dying Stanford ER let Cam’s partner Scott be with him and they allowed he and Cam to make the decision to let Cam die. Cam died a truly horrible and gruesome death but he didn’t die alone. He had his partner with him every bit of the way. What if someone like Romney had made that impossible? Cam would have seized to death alone. He died in horrible pain but Scott was there. My sister and I were supposed to fly up the next day but it was too late.

So if you are in favour of letting people die without their loved ones next to them, you are no friend of mine. I’ll miss you but if you would have let Cam die alone get away from me.

11 thoughts on “If you vote for Romney – You are not my friend

  1. I really don’t understand why people in my family, most of them, plan to vote for Romney knowing what they do about my husband and my life. If Romneys elected he plans to do away with the Pell Grant program which is what my husband used to work towards getting welding certification. That certification will allow my husband to get a decent paying job to put food on our table. My husbands brother is gay and even so, just yesterday his dad and most of his brothers plan to vote for Romney. I couldn’t believe it when my husband told me his dad even said to his brother, “So your voting for Romney right?” His brother said firmly, “NO.” My parents and many other members of my family are on Medicare and are voting for Romney. I don’t understand why it seems they would rather vote for someone who is the embodiment of everything that got us into this mess than for President Obama. Politics and religion tear apart people and countries. So sick of it.


      • Look at most of their ages and backgrounds – it’s one word – fear. Many are getting close to their mortality and are holding on to what they’ve built their lives to be with a tight grasp. If everything changes to the way that’s best for all then all the shit they’ve pulled all their lives is meaningless. If their policies etc. disappear and don’t continue they will not have immortality. I think this has been the way for people like them for centuries.


  2. If I could vote here it would not be for Romney. I am shocked at how many people I know, some of whom are gay, who plan to vote for him. ><


  3. I have shared this on my facebook too… I am not American, but it shocks me how people [not just in the USA] are happy to vote for someone who offers them a few more dollars pounds in the purse at the expense of other’s hard fought for civil rights. .


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