Archive | October 19, 2012

My favourite comfort food – Yummy eggs

Druids should eat things that are good for them like eggs and milk so here is an easy recipe to make with an adult called Yummy Eggs.

4 eggs

1 cup milk, you can use 2% milk

½ teaspoon of salt

1 tablespoon of butter

Beat eggs until light and frothy

Add milk and salt and beat

Add butter and put in a double boiler

Cook over boiling water in double boiler for 20 minutes.

Serve with toast and juice and what ever you need to make a good breakfast. Also  makes a great light supper.

Having a Gaelic moment

Bí ann, bí liom
Bí gasta, bí cróga
Bí cliste, bí cinnte
Bí casta, bí glic
Bí grámhar, gealgáireach
Bí socair laistigh
Bí doimhin ach bí éadrom
Gan teannas ar bith
I do chorp, i do chroí
I do cheann, ins a tslí
Ina chuireann tú tú fhéin i láthair
I pé chomhluadar ina bhfuil tú
Bí ann liom
Bí láidir il-dána
Nuair a chasann an domhan
Bí ann dom
Agus buailfimid le chéile
Nuair a thagann an t-am

Be there, be with me
Be quick, be brave
Be clever, be sure
Be tricky, be sharp
Be loving, light-hearted
Be steady inside
And be deep but be light
With no tension inside
In your body, in your heart
In your head, __
In the way which you present yourself
In whatever company you happen to be
Be there for me
Be strong and be able
When the world takes a turn
Be there with me
And we will meet together
When the right time comes