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Some things scare me

If you have been reading this blog awhile you know I was born blind in my left eye and partially sighted out of the right. My mom had had the German measles (rubella)before I was born and depending on the developmental stage of the fetus it caused either blindness or deafness in the baby. I grew up with a lot of other kids that were blind or deaf and it used to be common to see children with disabilities. Then they had the vaccine and you stopped seeing kids like me. (It’s a big reason I have a “thing” about people who won’t vaccinate their kids.)

When I was 7 in 1961 I had one of the first eye surgeries to repair my eyes. It was so new they really hadn’t a lot of experience anesthetizing children for long periods of time. Because of that the other girl and I having the surgery ended up staying longer in the hospital because we got sick from the anesthesia.

I have a “thing” about going blind again. A big thing. Over the weekend I had hives for two days for a reason I haven’t identified yet but I suspect some oats got near something I ordered for breakfast or lunch in the kitchen of the restaurant. Since Monday my digestive tract has been in revolt but on Tuesday at lunch. I thought I was seeing a bright red Chinese dragon out of my left eye. I very quickly realized I was looking at blood inside my eye. Now it’s calmed down a little and I’m seeing a Dementor- like figure floating in my right eye, the good eye. And I have to admit I’m terrified. I’m hoping the eye thing is related to the hives and not related to Type 2 Diabetes.

I have no health insurance thanks to being laid off over 4 ½ years ago. I had a job interview today for the job I have been doing as a temp since February. I really like my boss and I really like what I do most of the time. So think good thoughts. I think I gave good interview even though I’m having real trouble seeing out of my right eye. Good thing I can only afford to take the bus and I’m not stupid enough to be loose on the streets in a car.

Read the Amazon reviews. They’re hysterical!

Feminist Philosophers

I know, I know. We’ve had enough of the binders now. But, I promise, these reviews of Avery binders on Amazon are really funny. Here’s one:

As a woman, I was disappointed that the “gap-free” claim was in reference to the rings in the binder, not to gender equity in wages. But the trade-off is that  the binder did let me leave work in time to go home and cook dinner.

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